A Traveling Fox Saga


Hi!  RF Cardigan Here. Always Ready for a Travel Adventure Tale. My Trip to New York City was, Uh…Interesting. Did You Know there are Lots of Rats in NYC? They hide in the Subway Tunnels. You have to watch closely to See the Rats. But Trust Me…the Rats are There. The Rats are Bigger than Me. […]

A Birthday Confession…

SAM_8277 (1)

So Serious.  I know. Birthdays Sometimes Do That. Finally Hitting a Beatle Song… Yes, That Beatle Song.  🙂 And the Confession…Take Care of Me. Even Just a Little, Will Be a Lot. Take Care of Me, So I Can Be There for Them. Walking.  One Mile Each Day. Starting Today. I’m Told It Gets Easier […]

Best Watermelon Lunch Box Trick!


Watermelon in July. Exactly the Best Time to Eat Watermelon. Back to School Comes in Late Summer Here.  Crazy Early. When Watermelon Season is Still on High. Forget the Apples in Lunches.  Send Them Off with Watermelon! Here’s a Fun Trick for Lunch Box Watermelon. No Triangles and Rinds. No Fuss.  No Mess.  Easy to […]

A Fly Went By and Continued On Its Way


Late Summer and Flies.  Ugh. When it’s Finally a Tad Cooler to Enjoy Dining Outside, the Flies Appear. And Don’t Quit. Until Now! A Simple DIY to Rid Your Space of Flies. No Sprays.  No Chemicals.  No Bug-Zappers.  No Swats. Cheap to Do.  Pennies.  Really. A Hanging Bag of Water! But Exactly How Do Water Bags Work? […]



For Our Series Reading is Fun! A Trip to New York! A Kid’s Perspective on Why Kids Should Go to New York. Written, Illustrated, Directed and Narrated by Miss Doodle 2. We’re Working on Reading and Writing this Summer.  Trying to Make it Fun. 🙂 The Written and Spoken Word has Been a Struggle. Learning […]

Farm Chic!


I Love this Product! I Love this Business! Vermont Made Shopping Bags! $7 for Any Size.  Plus Shipping. Second Chance Bags by Mary Fay. Super Sturdy.    All Sizes.    Well Made.    Designs from the Barn Yard to You. A Vermont Lady, Mary Fay, is Doing Her Part to Save the Environment. By Recycling Plastic Animal Feed […]

Subways – Down and Dirty


Ode to the New York Transit System Sometimes You Just Need to Know. What Makes All This Transit Stuff Go? Trains in Tunnels Under the Sea. Winding and Jolting and Setting Us Free. 100 Years Old. Still Moving Strong. So Glad We Were Able to Travel Along. – Jeanne We Trekked to the New York […]

The Lion King Forever


A Special Treat. A Treat for the Heart. A Treat for the Soul. The Lion King on Broadway at the Minskoff Theatre. 20 Years on Broadway. Have You Seen It? It Just Never Gets Old. Of Course No Photography is Allowed in the Theatre. This Giant Scar Mask Hangs Menacingly Over the Escalators to the […]

I’ll Have Some of That…


My Grandfather Would Tell Me that At Any Time, Day or Night, Someone is Eating in NYC. That was True Then. It is Still True Today.   Most Definitely True. So Let’s Talk Food.  And Eating with Kids. What’s Hot on the Family Dining Scene in New York? Brooklyn Up First… Try Luke’s for Lobster Rolls under […]

Why a Museum?


To See and Appreciate.  To Stand in Awe with Wonder. All that is Human. Creation in All Its Wondrous Forms. For Me, this is Why a Museum. Man Creates.  Using His Mind.   His Heart.  And His Soul. Sometimes with Sounds.  Or Words.  Or With His Hands. The Wonder of All that is Human is Here. The Metropolitan […]