Indian Pueblo before the Storm


Hail and Wind and Rain. All Coming  In Late August. We Timed It Just Right for an Authentic Indian Pueblo Meal Just before the Coming Storm. At the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center. Just Down the Road from Home. There are Deer Dancers and a Corn Maiden in the Plaza. Celebrating the 19 Indian Pueblos of New […]

No Cracks About Crock Pot Ribs, Please


School and Dance and Work and On and On… This is When the All Mighty Crock Pot Snaps to Attention. I’ve Never Been a Fan of Crock Pots.  Guess I’ve Had Too Many Watery Mystery Meat Meals. But I’m Learning how to Wrangle a Decent Meal Out of This Thing.   By Trial and Error. This […]

Making Chewing Gum!


So Here’s the Scoop…the Tooth Fairy Stopped By Our House for a Tooth Pick Up… But Instead of Money, She Left a Kit to Make Chewing Gum at Home. I Didn’t Think Ms. Tooth would be an Advocate for Gum Chewing…So What Do I Know?! Chewing Gum Lab by Geek & Co. Science. A Simple, Messy Project.  With […]

A Truck Stop Find of All Finds


Truck Stop Food. Truckers Know Where to Find the Best. And They Make a Point of Stopping to Eat at their Favorites Along the Routes. I’m Not Sure How I Know This.  Movies, I Guess. Hollywood does a Good Job with Truck Stops.  All Tough and Tumble and Hash Slinging. We Have a Truck Stop in […]

Up Before the Paper


Are You a Morning Person or a Night Person? I Have Always Been a Morning Person. Up Before the Sunrise.  Up Before the Paper. This Morning is No Exception. I Love the Early Morning. Some Time for Me Before the Sun Rises. 2 Hours…Give or Take…Ahhh. It’s Still Pitch Black Out. First a Cozy Breakfast […]

Play Dates???


When Can I Have a Play Date, Mom??? I’m an Old(er) Mom of Young Kids. Play Dates are a New Concept for Me. I was a Kid in the 60’s.  Living Blissfully in Suburban Long Island.  On any Summer Morning, I’d be Up with the Birds.  Eat Fruit Loops Cereal.  Pop on a Bathing Suit, Shorts and Fly Out […]

Late Night Eating. Art Appetizers.


I am Constantly on the Hunt for Places to Eat that are:  FUN.  LOCAL.  CHEAP. Family Late Night Dining in Albuquerque?     Not Easy to Find. Mr. Doodle says it has to do with the Ranching History of the State.  Early to Bed.  Early to Rise. But I Found One.  The Range Café. The Range Cafe Checks […]

The Tale of Pork and Blue Willow


A New 4 in 15 Challenge. A Pork Fest and Blue Willow. Emperors and Princesses and Stolen Jewels and Marriage Proposals Gone Awry. Perfect for a Mid-Week Dinner. Your Ingredients to Create a Hot Meal in 15 Minutes: Seasoned Pork.    Red Potatoes.    Leftover Vegetables from the Bounty.    Corn on the Cob. Grab the Trusty Covered […]

How I Became a Helicopter Mom


My Children are School Age. Mr. Doodle and I Work Full Time. Those are Givens. So the Girls Attend the Local Schools. But with School Rankings and Testing and Drama…the Pull of Maybe-I-Should-Do-Homeschooling Still Hits Me Hard and Gnaws at My Soul. There is So Much I Could Offer the Girls.  Reading Adventures.  Art.  Music.  Story Telling. […]

4 in 15 Challenge Summer Harvest


Back to School.  Always Working. End of Summer.  Need a Fast, Healthy, Light Dinner? Made from Kitchen to Table in 15 Minutes? In One Pot? Take the 4 in 15 Challenge using the End of Summer Harvest. In One Pot Create Fast Meals.  Healthy Meals.  Just Not Write-Home-About Meals. 🙂 Ready? Your 4 Ingredients to Cook […]