Just Like a Princess – Maria Communion

first communion long sleeve dress

This is a sponsored post that my contain affiliate links. I was 8 Years Old.  My First Holy Communion. I had taken all the classes.  Learned to recite all the prayers.  Practiced all the walks  in the church. Learned to kneel when the Head Nun clicked her Metal Cricket. I was Ready.   My Mom was […]

Is It Too Early for Halloween?


Without really thinking about it.  Without Much Effort or Expense. We’re Decorated for Halloween. The Seasons.  The Holidays.  All Moving at Warp Speed. Last Week of September.  Not Too Early for Halloween.  I Think. Truth be Told, I’d Rather Not Do Halloween and Fall in Love with Fall Displays. A Wreath for the Door.  Corn Husk Swags on […]

Non Stop Magic on Ice


Don’t You Just Love a Story that Begins with Once Upon A Time? Me Too. Once Upon A Time An Ice Show Came to My Backyard. With Ice Skaters.  30 Performers in All. And Snow.  And Fireworks.  And Fog. And Fairy Dust. And To Make It Even Better…It Was a Disney Extravaganza! Disney on Ice: Passport […]

A Love Story of Pumpkins and Costco


Pumpkins are at Costco. The Pumpkins are Contained in 3 Foot Tall Cardboard Boxes. The Boxes Sit on Wooden Pallets.    Brimming to Overflowing with Pumpkins. Almost As Far As the Eye Can See. While I waited for Mr. Doodle to select his Bacon, I noticed a Couple Trying to Select a Pumpkin. Standing on the Edge […]

The Long Shadows of Fall


Finally Fall. Summer is always a Special Time.  But Ahh…then Comes Fall. I Love the Coolness of Early Mornings in Fall. And Seeing Long Shadows Inside and Out. Hello Fall.  You are Right on Time. Morning Shadows will Soon Turn to Morning Darkness. But Fall Gives Us Time. Time to Continue to Feed the Fish. Time for […]

Make Time for Cookies


Dear Betty Crocker: Thank You.  I know Childhood is Fleeting.  Time is Precious.  But Sometimes in the Craziness that is Life, I Forget.  Work Looms Large.  Little Ones Get Pushed Along to Go With the Household Flow.  I Know You Understand This, Betty.  Your 20 Minutes to Home-Made Cookies Proves It. It’s the Time Spent Together […]

Flipping for the Doodle T Flip Skirt!


Not so very long ago, there was a little girl who loved to Flip and Dance. With all the flipping and dancing, she needed clothes that would move with her. She also insisted on dressing herself.  Buttons and Snaps.  Zippers and Loops.  Too Tough to Do. So the Doodle T Flip Dress was Born. Simple Really.  A […]

Design the Pattern. Cut. Sew. 30 Minutes – Done!


Summer Into Fall.    What to Wear? I’m So Done with All the Summer Stuff.   Everything is Tired and Limp. Floral.  Floaty.  Over. I’m Ready for Cool Weather Dressing.   But it’s Still Hot. Fall Clothes are Trendy.  Classic.   In Luscious Cuddly Cool Weather Fabrics. But in 90+ Temps.  Forget It. Ahh, Problem Solved.  Linen! Sure Linen is Great […]

Dads Love Bacon and Eggs!


I Guess Everyone Knows That. It’s Certainly True in Our House Today. And it was True when I was a Kid.      Sunday Morning Was My Dad’s Moment to Cook. Bacon and Eggs. The Kitchen Filled to Overflowing with the Smells of Bacon and Eggs. Spattered Grease Everywhere. Perfectly Toasted Toast.  With Butter and Jelly. Orange Juice.  Served in Juice Glasses.  […]

Red Licorice and the U.S. Constitution!

September 17, 1787 Happy Constitution Day! On September 17, 1787, the U.S. Constitution was signed by 39 men who changed the course of history. Constitution Day is a time for us to continue their legacy and develop habits of citizenship in a new generation of Americans. I was asked to Teach the U.S. Constitution to […]