Compliments of Costco


It’s a Special Occasion But You’re Wasted and Don’t Want to Go Out. Why Not Ask Costco for Assistance? Costco has Great Prices on Volume Goods.  Everyone Knows That. A Costco Pricing Rule of Thumb…Each Item Averages about $10. And Costco is Great for One-Stop Shopping for Party Food and Drinks. Those Decorated Cakes.  That Feed […]

Crazy Eggs and Toast

SAM_8275 (1)

Breakfast.  Go Crazy or Go Back to Bed. Here’s a Crazy Breakfast that Will Wake Everyone Up and Get Them Out the Door… Laughing. Start with Easy to Prepare – Crazy Eggs.  (my title…feel free to use.) They’re also called Baked Eggs, but that is So Last Century. Pull out your Ramekins.  I love these petite […]

Throw a Log on the Fire…It’s Spring in the Desert


Chilly in the Morning. Chilly in the Evening. Chilly at Breakfast Time. Perfect Weather for Hot Coffee, Eggs and Toasted Bagels by the Fire. At Flying Star.  A Local Respite from the Craziness of the Week. Enjoying Some Quiet Time and Gallons of Coffee…Together. On the Patio.  With the Smells of Pinon and Bacon in the Air. […]

One Room Challenge – Mermaid Bath Reveal!


What a Ride! What a Rush! What Fun! For Your Viewing Pleasure…My One Room Challenge Reveal. The Funky Bathroom.  Before. Light Blue Walls.  White Trim.  Plumbing Pipe Fixtures.  Wood Floor.  Hanging Mermaids. During the 5 Week Transformation. Hello Beautiful! The Shutterfly Large-Print Format Wrapped Canvas Photo is Perfect for the Space. No dangerous Glass for […]

Spiralize Me


   Zucchini???  No Thanks.  Yuck. Enter The Spiralizer!  My Little Chef is Delighted with this New (for Us) Kitchen Gadget. We have a plastic version – $10 at TJ Maxx.   And it Works Great. A Spiralizer cuts Vegetables into Spirals…Swirls…Silly Vegetables. Zucchini.  Yellow Squash.  Potatoes. Spiralizing creates Fun Vegetables that Look Like Spaghetti. That Taste […]

One Room Challenge – Almost There

PosoleBathIndia 076

Computer Issues have sidelined me a bit…Missed my Week 5 Update Without Further Ado…Week 5 I’ve lived with the new Dark Gray Paint for 4 Weeks. Hmmm…Only OK Loving It. Maybe Decorator’s Remorse.  I Guess that is a Thing. The Troops like it.  That’s always Good. I’m banking on my Artwork to Pull this Design Together and […]

Embracing a Whirlwind of Cultures


On One of the Coldest Days of the Year.  With 60 mph Gale Force Winds Swirling Outside. We were Together Inside Embracing the Crazy Melting Pot of Cultures that is New Mexico. At the Delightful Festival of Asian Cultures. The Chinese American Citizen Alliance Youth Dance Troupe (China). International Adoption was Our first Step to the Commitment to Teach our […]

Habanero Chunk!

Habanero 019 - Copy

4 Ingredients – A Meal in 15 Minutes We’re on a Roll.  What’s in the Kitchen for Dinner Tonight??? We Find a Pork Roast, Some Canned Pineapple, Carrots and Hot Habanero Sauce. OK.  This Could Be Interesting…A POPPIN’ HOT MEAL… Ready?  1  –  2  –  3  –  4    GO! In the Crock Pot… 1. Lay […]

One Room Challenge – A Color Spin!

Parade 043

The Funky Bathroom has Gone to the Dark Side. Week 4 of the One Room Challenge. Dark is Bold. But Dark also fosters an Oh-No-What-Have-I-Done(?) Moment. I’m Getting There and Learning to Embrace the Stark Contrast of Dark and White. It’s All Fabulous! The bathroom is teetering on being Cave-Like, but Not. Clean, Fresh, Fun.  […]

Pond Muck Magic

ShabbyChic 016

The Story Goes Something Like This… We have a Pond.    We All Love the Pond. It sits in the Front Yard. It’s Big and Has Fish. And Our Pond Fish Survived the Winter! The original 12 Goldfish have morphed and multiplied to 25, at last count. We have 3 Generations Happily Swimming Around. I Love […]