What’s Good about the JetBlue Red Eye?


Taking the JetBlue Red Eye.  Leave at Midnight.  Arrive JFK at 6:00 AM. One Plane.  No Changes. All Good. Except. You’re in New York at 6AM with Check-In Not Until 3PM. What to Do with 9 Hours and a Very Tired Family of 4? How About a Parade? The 111th Annual Independence Day Parade in Brooklyn? Cobble Hill and Carroll […]

5 Packing Tips to Tour the Fashion Capital


New York City. 10 Days. What to Pack?   With Only a Carry-On Bag. Can You Do It – Pack for 10 Days in a Carry-On??? Try These 5 Tips to Ease Packing Stress for Big City Travel. Tip 1:  Buy and Stockpile New Clothes for the Trip. This really does work.  It May Sound Extravagant, but it’s […]

Crows Love Sushi


I’m So Proud of Our Mini-EcoSystem. Fish and Birds and Bees, Water and Tall Trees. All Come Together As One, Under the Simmering Sun. Ah…Lovely. Until.  Our Buddy, the Crow, begins Feasting at His Personal Sushi Bar. The Gold Fish.  In Our Pond. So I devise a Plan. A Scarecrow! Isn’t that What Farmers Do to Protect […]

102 and Holding


It’s 102.  Crazy, but True. How Will You Do… in 102? The Temperature.  102 in the Shade.  No Joke. Two Weeks Straight and Working on Week Three. I try to Find Magic Every Day.  But this HEAT is doing Me In. 102 Degrees.  And the Car Air Conditioner Stops Working. Mr. Doodle tries to Fix It.  No […]

Street Snapshots and Lunch


We Took a Dr. Seuss Stroll Through the Streets of Downtown. And to Think I Saw it on Mulberry Street A Break to See What Lies Beneath our Feet.  To See What We Can See. We Checked Out Back Alleys.  Lined with Blue Dumpsters hoping for Trash. Sat on the Steps of a Year-Round School and Laughed.  🙂 Spied Street […]

A Bra Worth a Second Look…or 3


Let’s Take a Moment and Talk Underwear. Specifically Bras. A Subject I’ve Discussed Forever.  With Tons of People.  In Varying Situations. So here’s My Beginning… I began my Work Career as a Fashion Retail Buyer. For Abraham & Straus in Brooklyn. It was Fast-Paced with Crazy Hours and I Loved It! My Area of Expertise was Daywear.  Better […]

A Pond Telling


I’m the Pond. I sit in the front yard where years ago a lawn once thrived. A lawn that the family could not maintain once water restrictions applied. I’m a Third Generation Pond. My Grandfather was a Big Box Plastic Pool.  About a Foot Deep with Tiny Plant Ledges.  He had no Fish.  The Birds Flocked to […]

A Day Excursion – There and Back


New Mexico is a Huge State.  Land as Far as the Eye Can See. Driving from the Northern Border to the Southern Border takes about 8 Hours. I Live in the Middle. Everything is within 1 to 4 Hours Away.  As the Crow Flies. For Work and a Summer Adventure, I had to Travel South to […]

7 Tips to a Cool House – No Air Conditioning Needed!


Hello 95 Degree Days. Everyday. I fancy myself a Pioneer Woman in my Quest to Keep the House Cool. No Air Conditioning Needed. These Cooling Tips are Energy Efficient and Work. 1. Water Outside in the Early Morning.  The Trees and Plants will Thank You. And Gracefully Do Their Job to Shield the Sun’s Rays all day. […]

Zoo Breaks in a Flash


Summer and Hot. A Time to Fill Your Soul with Magic. A Quick Lunch Break at the Zoo. Having a Yearly Membership makes Hopping Over to the Zoo Easy.   A Family of 4 is $99 for the Year.   Unlimited Visits! New Mexico BioPark Society Hop.  Hop.  Hop. 3 Minutes from Downtown. A World Away. […]