Hairdos and Menus and Giving Thanks


Cousins.  Separated by States. Together Today.  Early Morning. For a Joint Hair Dresser Appointment. The Perfect Opportunity to Catch Up. To Laugh. To Get Color and Cut. And To Plan a Colorado Thanksgiving. As Our Color Processes, We Go Into Full-On Menu Planning. She insisted I bring a Notebook to Write Everything Down. Thanksgiving… She will […]

Doodle T – ORC Week 3 – We Have Paint!


Week 3 of the One Room Challenge. It’s Now or Never for Paint. Shed Paint.  Paint that’s been stored for over a year.   I held my Breath. The little Splat on the Can Lid looked Gray.  A Pale Gray. A Paint Drip on the Other Can is White. Hopefully this will Work.  But On the […]

Spray Paint…Step Away Slowly!


Spray Painting 101. Some Decorating Projects for Fall.  Some Projects for the One Room Challenge. The Master Bedroom has Closet Doors with Metal Air Flow Grates. Time for a Grown Up Paint Coat to Wear.   From Sky Blue to Black. I Had a Lesson in Spray Painting.    From Miss Doodle. Mom, It’s Very Easy. Shake […]

1.7 lbs.


Our Newest Addition is a Trip. I Mean that in the Most Positive Way. But Who Knew that 1.7 lbs. could have So Much Spunk and Presence? Emily Binx. (Yes, from Hocus Pocus…hey, it’s almost Halloween!)  A Tortoise Shell Female Kitty. Quite the Rascal. She is Learning the Rhyme and Rhythm of Our Home. And We Are Learning […]

A Life…A Will…A Circle


I Never Talk about Work on the Blog. My Work is Always Serious.  Complicated.  Stressful.  Yet Rewarding. I deal with the Private Matters of People’s Lives. My Blog is Silly.  Easy.  Fun.  And Rewarding. Doodle T seeks to Find Magic Every Day. This Week At Work…Wearing the Lawyer Hat…I Found Magic. Work Happens Here. Part of What I […]

Inspiration Re-Do – One Room Challenge


One Room Challenge – Week Two. But Hold Up…An Inspiration Change.  A Do Over. I assumed my Inspiration would be a Family Inheritance 150 Year Old Painting. Lovely. But Truth Be Told – The Family Painting is One that I would have walked right past in a Gallery. Whoops…did I really just Say That???  Yes I Did. So that’s been […]

Mouse in the House

Textures 021

Don’t You Just Love Mornings? School and Work Mornings. With Animals to Be Fed.  And Breakfast to Be Made.  And Laundry to Be Done. And Lunches to Be Packed. A Clockwork Machine.  Running Smoothly. And Then…Enter a Mouse. Moon to the Rescue.  She’s Been On Guard for Days. Mouse Down in the Kitchen. Dad On Board […]

No…it’s Not Something We Need.


Pets? Specifically a Cat. Do We Need One?    Maybe.   Yes.    We Do. Wait a Minute…Maybe Not. Who Said We Need a New Cat? I’m Not Liking This.   Little Fuzzy Legs and Feet. I’ve Got My Eye on You, Kitty. And No, My Motherly Instincts Have Not Kicked In. Yes, I’ve Still Got My Eye […]

Ok…Ok…Pumpkin Spice(!)


October Blew In.  Chill in the Air.  Trees splattered in Orange and Yellow and Red. Markets filled with Squash.  Chile Ristras.  Indian Corn. Oh, Yes…And Pumpkin Spice. Pumpkin Spice Everything and Everywhere. In Coffee?…maybe not so much. But We Did Make Pumpkin Spice Muffins. A Very, Very Good and Easy Mix.  (By the Way, this is Not […]

The Red Thread


Thirteen Years Ago Today – A Family Was Created. In China. We Traveled to China with Eleven Families.  All First Time Parents. In this Little Video Clip, We are the New Parents on the Left Side of the Video… We  are Watching in Awe the Moment when another New Family is Created. Take a Look…Gotcha Day! Magic.