Mermaids – Just Add H2O

058 We live with MERMAIDS.  Mermaids love to SWIM.  And Mermaids need TAILS.  Tails propel Mermaids through the WATER.   And TAILS are BEAUTIFUL.  MERMAIDS are BEAUTIFUL. 061

THAT PART IS SIMPLE…but WHERE to FIND those sleek, swishy TAILS???  063

Would you believe GERMANY???
YES!  I found the BEST MERMAID TAILS EVER at :Surfing Arielle-Magictail

MagicTail carries Tails in every COLOR.  Tails in every SIZE.  Tails for Children and Adults – Girls and Boys.  Shoot, they even have Mermaid ACCESSORIES…You know, like TOPS and NECKLACES, and BAGS TO CARRY TAILS TO THE POOL.  Shipping is Fast and Prices are Good.  And the TAILS are well, BEAUTIFUL.  Perfect for POOL swimming…

Your package includes a Bikini Top and Bottom – that goes on first.  Then the TAIL.   The most important piece is last – the MONOFIN.   The monofin  is constructed of plastics and rubber.  It works like swim flippers, but both feet go into the one fin.  The monofin fits into the tail fluke opening of the mermaid tail.

Now allow yourself to be carried to the WATER…Obviously, MERMAIDS don’t have LEGS!

And an ADDED BONUS  – At MagicTail you can enter a CONTEST to DESIGN your OWN TAIL! Stripes, Spots, Tattoos, Bold Graphics, Waves, Sunsets, Seaweed, Water, Sky…

Do YOU need a MERMAID TAIL under the TREE…Can’t get more MAGICAL than that!

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