Trying On New Mexico

I tried on New Mexico like trying on a coat in a department store.  First one arm, then the other and zipping up the front.  It fit, but I wasn’t too sure of the style, the color, the look.  New Mexico was so very different from New York, my home…everything seemed off – the colors were shades of brown with shocks of blue sky.  The style was cowboys with turquoise trims.  The look was wide open space with jagged mountains rimming the edges. The coat fit, but I wasn’t sure that I fit.  And I wasn’t sure New Mexico liked or even needed me.  And then there was all the things I missed.  Saltwater, of course, not a drop to be had here.  And the food I love – Chinese.  I missed Chinese food a lot.

My new friend knew I missed home and he tried very hard to offer glimpses of what I missed.  Chinese Food…No problem.  We have Chinese Food…Let’s go to LUCKY BOY! lucky boy 002

Oh My…what a HOOT of a PLACE….Classic Chinese food…Good Chinese food…with the best Green Chile Cheeseburger and Fries, ever.  An institution in New Mexico – Hot and Fresh and Super Cheap! lucky boy 009 lucky boy 005

Chinese Combination Plates – $3.30 – Hot and Excellent!

Green Chile Cheeseburger $2.20!       Egg Fu Young Burger $3.00!


lucky boy 006 lucky boy 003 lucky boy 008 lucky boy 010

LUCKY BOY is a GREAT FIT!   We love it!  So Very MAGICAL!




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