4 Hot Tips for Shopping Costco

Costco is BIG and has Great Prices.  Everyone knows that.

Here are 4 Tips for Getting the BEST BANG for your BUCK at Costco!

1 – Buy ORGANIC.  Milk, Eggs, Meat, Spaghetti, Sauce.  Organic food is high quality, but usually pricey.  Costco really does have the best prices on Organics…Look for the Green Signs. April2015 046 - Copy April2015 052April2015 054April2015 053

2 – Watch for SALES and Stock Up.  Costco periodically has sales.  Their Already-Made and Packaged Meals can get expensive, but they are so easy for quick-to-the-table family meals.  The Sample Ladies do a bang-up job of peddling the hot sale items and they are always happy to offer meal ideas.  Look for Sale Signs and Sample Offerings.

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3 – In-House Costco Bakery.  Made on the premises – great prices – bulk sized for a family or a party.  Right out of the oven Croissants, Dinner Rolls, Muffins.  The Sheet Cakes are delicious and Costco does Custom Decorating. Fun.

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4 – Books.  Books are a great value at Costco, but I know, the Costco Rock-Bottom prices may hurt all the tiny, local bookstores.  Why not Shop your Local Bookstore for Special Order Books and Support all the Meet-The-Author Book Parties.  Save the Everyone-is-Reading-this-Book purchase for Costco.

April2015 058

I asked the Costco Checker what comes across the conveyor most??

Absolutely Everything!

Chip Bags bigger than your whole body…here they are!  So Silly.

April2015 056

Dear Costco:  My one recommendation to make Costco a BETTER SHOPPING EXPERIENCE…

Go with LOCAL, IN-SEASON Fruits and Vegetables!   Do we really need WATERMELON in JANUARY?!

One Stop Shopping – You Bet…in the market to buy Roses and a Rotisserie Chicken?  No Problem.

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And You have to love the Bigger-than-the-Moon Lunches at Pluto-Prices…Lunch for 4 – $7.50.

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I Love Costco.  Great Prices, Fun Sample Ladies, Crazy Huge Carts.  MAGIC!

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