Cardboard Box Water – Now is the Time!

Plastic Water Bottles?   Yes, another push to Stop the Plastic!

Now is the Time.   In fact Yesterday was really the Time…but we sat back and did nothing.

Did you know that over 90% of sea animals have ingested plastic?  Plastic particles look like fish eggs.

As kids we drank school milk from cardboard cartons.  Kids today still drink from cardboard cartons.

Milk 001

So why can’t WATER be put in Cardboard Boxes???

I did some quick research and low and behold…IT IS BEING DONE…and Target sells it!


BoxWater 001

Available in individual Pints, Quarts and Pint 6-Packs.

76% of the box is composed of a renewable resource – trees.

The boxes are shipped flat to the filler which is more efficient than shipping empty plastic or glass bottles to be filled.

The boxes are recyclable.

The boxes are BPA Free.

But the packaging???…uhhh…not so great.

The boxes are sturdy to hold, but the package design looks like a dated 1980’s generic product.

Generic products didn’t do well then.  I’m afraid the simple black type on a white carton won’t do well now.

And it should.

Enough with the Plastic!

Kohl’s Department Stores sells bottled water…in Plastic…but I think the Packaging is Stellar.

grown up hunt 049

Clean, Cool, Refreshing.    Just like Water should be.

But how does Boxed Water is Better taste?

We conducted our own Taste Test.

Filtered Refrigerator Water VS. Boxed Water is Better.

BoxWater 003

The Results:  Boxed Water is Better Won.  It tasted “cleaner”.

We also realized that the refrigerator filter needed to be changed.  It’s all good.

BoxWater 004

So the Boxed Water Taste is Clean and Refreshing.


Dear Boxed Water is Better.:   Please change your packaging.  The World Needs You to Succeed.

Perhaps a Blue Water Droplets design.  Or Ocean Waves.  Or Mermaids.  Or a Crystal Spring Waterfall.  Or better yet, print a realistic photograph of water in a glass with water droplets and light reflecting through the glass.

Think Cool, Thirst-Quenching, Refreshing.

You’re on the Right Track.   Love the Cardboard Box concept.   Now Throw in the MAGIC.

We’re all depending on you.

Thank you.

BoxWater 005

What do you think???  Has the Time for Boxed Water Come at Last??

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