Grown Up Treasure Hunt

It’s tough when your birthday falls on a Monday.


And being a young teen and straddling many worlds…that can be tough too.

So…we had a Grown Up Treasure Hunt.   At Home.  Sunday Morning.  With the Family.

We created a Treasure Tree…a branch, glass jar with shells to anchor the branch, clues numbered and hung from the tree and tiny pink blossoms just because.

grown up hunt 035 grown up hunt 036 grown up hunt 037

The Breakfast Table was sweet and laden with chocolate chip pancakes, peaches and donuts.

grown up hunt 061 grown up hunt 062 grown up hunt 063 grown up hunt 066 grown up hunt 068

Once every pancake was eaten, the Hunt was on…The Clues…

“Brrr…Hurry don’t delay…I do my job night and day.  Where am I?  (refrigerator)

“When you were a little girl, I was your favorite spot just before bedtime..swimming with the mermaids.”  (tub)

“You can find me hidden in a tight space where the Music comes from…all Black and White.  (piano keys)

Here I am…Take a Look…I am always ready Hanging straight and tall.  I am ready for your first Dance of the Year…Do you know where to look???  (closet)

 grown up hunt 071grown up hunt 070

And later, quietly being told Thank You…I loved my birthday with my Family.

Magic…such wonderful Magic.

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