An Hour of Flowers

Spring Break for Them.  But Work for Us.


One Hour Left in the Day.  Let’s Stop to Smell, See, Touch and Experience Flowers.

A Short Hop from the Office.

But Miles of Smiles Away.

Come with Us for a Walk through the Gardens of the Albuquerque BioPark.

BioGardens2016 002

We start at the Children’s Garden.   A very good place to start.

BioGardens2016 017

BioGardens2016 033

Suddenly You are Bug-Sized.  Walking through a Worm-Hole Maze.

BioGardens2016 003

Deeper and Deeper Underground.

BioGardens2016 041

But Have No Fear…Dragons and Castles…

BioGardens2016 032

And a Princess…

BioGardens2016 064

Await You on the Surface.

BioGardens2016 021

On to the Ceremonial Garden.   Not Yet in Bloom.

BioGardens2016 009

Chatting about how this could be a future Junior Prom venue.

BioGardens2016 060

Filled with Princesses in Lovely Party Dresses.  Competing with the Flowers.

BioGardens2016 018

BioGardens2016 039

The Mediterranean Garden and a Flower Show.

BioGardens2016 099

I-Phone Photographers.  Great Subjects.

BioGardens2016 029

BioGardens2016 040

BioGardens2016 053

Catching the Shots.

BioGardens2016 028

BioGardens2016 091

BioGardens2016 102

All Snug and Warm in the Crystal Conservancy.

BioGardens2016 004

Being Together.

BioGardens2016 070

In the Crazy Spring Winds of Magic.

BioGardens2016 042

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