Fly with Google Maps

VRBO is a Wonderful Way to Find the Perfect Vacation Spot for Your Family

Vacation Rentals By Owner

We Love to Go With VRBO and We’ve Put Together Many Fun Trips on a Budget.

But Flying with Google Maps is the Best Way to Get the VRBO Pick Just Right.

I Love the Google Maps’ Little Yellow Man.  Meet Pegman!

VRBO gives You All the Details…Amenities, Price, Location, Reviews.

But Getting a Bird’s Eye View of the Location and Swooping Down for a Street Stroll….


Answers the “So Exactly Where is is this Place” Question.

So VRBO and Google Maps and Pegman!

Watch How This Works.

We Need to Find a Place to Stay in Brooklyn, New York.

Brooklyn is Our Summer Destination.

Unlike Years Passed, When We Visited Brooklyn in Frigid, Below Zero Weather.

Not Happy Campers…

Summer Should Be Better… 🙂

We Are Looking for Place Close to NYC, but Without the Craziness of NYC.  A Safe, Fun Neighborhood Near a Subway.  Within Walking Distance of Restaurants and Groceries. Sleeps 4.   Reasonable Price.  Washer/Dryer a Plus.

With VRBO, We Found Two Interesting Choices…

One in the Heart of Brooklyn…

A Victorian Brownstone…With a Quick Subway Ride to Manhattan.  Nice.

And the Other…On the Far Edges of Brooklyn and On the Water…

Exterior view

Literally…On the Water.  With a Manhattan View…Right there, in the distance.  See it?

And a 45-Minute Subway Ride to Get There.

We’re Not Sure Which to Choose…Both are Available.

Using Google Maps and Pegman, Let’s Take a Stroll through the Neighborhoods.

Flying Over House One…

And Swooping Down with Pegman.

Sailing Over House Two…

And Hand in Hand with Pegman.


Which One Would You Choose???

Ah, the Magic of the Quest.

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