The Easiest Diet and Exercise Plan!

Spring has Sprung.

Hello Sun.

Green All Around.

senses 014

Clocks Ahead.

Wake Up Sleepy Head.

Still Dark in Early Morn.

senses 005

Fall Back.

Time For That Nap.

Inside Cozy and Warm.

senses 006


Coming Home in the Light.  With Light to Spare

No More Excuses.  No More Dares.

senses 004

Walking and Less Bread.

Speaks Loud in My Head.

Now.  Right Now.  It is Definitely Time.

senses 009

A Diet and Exercise Regime Always Sounds Better in Poetic Form.

Don’t You Think?

Maybe if I Play This in My Head, It Will Stick.

Ready, Set, Go.

I Need a Touch of Magic!

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