Crazy Eggs and Toast

Breakfast.  Go Crazy or Go Back to Bed.

Here’s a Crazy Breakfast that Will Wake Everyone Up and Get Them Out the Door…


Start with Easy to Prepare – Crazy Eggs.  (my title…feel free to use.)

They’re also called Baked Eggs, but that is So Last Century.

Pull out your Ramekins.  I love these petite dishes but I never knew what to do with them…

Until I discovered Crazy Eggs.


Eggs.  Canadian Bacon.  Salsa.  Shredded Cheese.

Preheat the Oven to 350.

Place the Ramekins in a baking pan with a shallow bit of water.  (this is so the eggs don’t burn.)


Layer the Bacon on the bottom.  Add the Eggs.  Dollop of Salsa.  Top with Cheese.


Bake about 10 – 15 Minutes.

Runny Eggs to Hard – your preference.

While the eggs are baking and getting all Crazy…Start the Toast.

I Love Toast Stamps!

Mickey Mouse.  Good Morning.  Smile.   “Holy Toast”.

Amazon has a decent selection of Toast Stamps.  So Silly.


Stamp the Impression and Pop in the Toaster.

SAM_8274 SAM_8275 (1) SAM_8276 SAM_8277 (1)

Don’t Forget the Fruit.

My Mom always said Grapefruits Wake Up Your Mouth.  🙂

SAM_8267 (1)

Strawberries?  Yes!


Ahh Crazy Magic!

SAM_8286 (1)

Mom, I think we need Pop Tarts for an Appetizer…


Not Sure We’re Ready for that Much Crazy Magic.

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