A Troll Hunt

Are You Ready to Have a Frozen Party this Summer?


But You Must Have Trolls!


Here’s the Best Ever Scavenger Hunt – Searching for Trolls!

Trolls are So Simple to Make.   I Surprised Myself.


4 Materials:  Rocks, Sharpie, Googly Eyes.  Yarn.

Trolls are Made in 3 Steps…Search, Draw, Glue.

Search:  Take a Stroll.  Carry a small tote bag.  Pick Up Palm-Sized Rocks along the way.

(1 rock per guest works…or go crazy and make a whole village)


Draw:  With a Black Sharpie, Draw the Troll Faces on the Rocks.

Keep it Simple:  Big circle nose.  Wide smile with Teeth.  Eyebrows and Ears.


Glue:  Hot Glue on the Googly Eyes and a Tuft of Yarn Hair.


On the Bottom add a Star for the Prize Winner.


Add Hearts on the bottoms of all the Others.  For Love.


Just Before the Hunt, Hide the Trolls in the Yard.


Wait until Dusk.  Have the Party Guests use Flashlights to Find the Trolls.

Happy Hunting!

And Here’s the Magical Part of this Hunt.

Anna with Trolls from Frozen Fixer Upper

The Kids will Love Re-Hiding and Re-Searching for the Trolls.

Over and Over Again.


It Just Never Gets Old…Magic.  🙂

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