A Love Story of Pumpkins and Costco

Pumpkins are at Costco.

The Pumpkins are Contained in 3 Foot Tall Cardboard Boxes.

The Boxes Sit on Wooden Pallets.    Brimming to Overflowing with Pumpkins.

Almost As Far As the Eye Can See.

While I waited for Mr. Doodle to select his Bacon, I noticed a Couple Trying to Select a Pumpkin.

Standing on the Edge of the Pallet, the Man Reached in the Box and Lifted Out a Pumpkin.

With a Bright Smile, He Showed the Selection to the Lady.

She Shook Her Head.  Sadly.  No.

Gallantly, He tried again.  And again.  And again.

Each Time She Shook her Head.  No.  Her Eyes Looked Sad.

He Caught My Eye and gave me a slight Smile.  I Smiled Back.

He Kept Trying.  With Big Smiles He would turn to show her the Prize.

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Then I heard Miss Doodle, Oh Look Pumpkins.  We Need a Pumpkin!

She excitedly ran over to the boxes.  Even on tiptoes, she couldn’t see over the top of the boxes.

Mr. Doodle to the Rescue.

Now Both Men were eyeing the Pumpkin Prizes.

The Lady gave me a weak smile.  She looked so tired.


Now Both Ladies watched the Pumpkin Pickers.

Mr. Doodle picked from the “discarded ones”.   I smiled.

Miss Doodle danced a little jig by the carriage.

At the Same Time, Both Men Lifted Out Pumpkins.

Yes!  That’s the One, Miss Doodle Cried!  Mr. Doodle Hoisted the Pumpkin into the Carriage.


The Lady Nodded, Yes.  Her Pumpkin was Carefully placed in the Carriage.

He took Her Hand.  Both Smiled.

I was so Thankful to see her Smile.  They Wheeled the Carriage Away.  Walking Side by Side.

Hands Touching Ever So Slightly.  She Looked Stronger, with Him By Her Side.

The Sadness moved from her Eyes.


And a Little Cinderella Story.

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Filled with Magic.

6 thoughts on “A Love Story of Pumpkins and Costco

  1. What a beautiful observation. I assume this was an older couple? I only ask because his lordship and I kind of feel that way about holidays with the grandkids living clear across country. Mostly they make us feel a little sad these days.

  2. Thank you, Calensariel – actually, they were a young couple…no children that I saw. I guess I should have included that. I, of course, don’t know the story behind the couple. It was only my observation of a young man so determined to make his love happy. I just felt the heartache. I also understand about families being on the other side of the country…phones and social media help a bit when travel isn’t possible. 🙂

  3. Yes, I agree Summer. I didn’t want to go over to select our pumpkin…I didn’t want to disturb their moment and I wanted her to be happy. Kind of silly, I guess…and my family had no idea what I had noticed…it’s all good though in the end. 🙂

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