Blue Eyes Jelly and a Grape Farmer – A Saga

English Muffins Scream for Jelly.   Jelly Made in Your Kitchen is Worth Screaming For.

Who Knew that the Hardest Part of Making Jelly – Preparing the Fruit – is Jumped Over with the Assistance of Paul Newman?

Blue Eyes Jelly…Famously Made with Paul Newman Grape Juice.

It is 100% Real Juice.

Thank You Paul.

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First Let’s Make the Jelly.  Then I’ll Tell You The Grape Farmer Story.

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3 Cups Bottle Grape Juice….100% Juice.

1 Package of Pectin.

4 1/2 Cups Sugar.

Ball Canning Jars.    (2 Batches Makes 3 Large Jars of Jelly)

Prepare the Jars in a Water Bath.


Clean, Clean, Clean is Key.


Measure the Grape Juice.


Pour into the Pot.   Grape Smells Quickly Fill the Kitchen.  Intoxicating.


Measure and Add the Sugar to the Juice.


Wow, Mom…This is A Lot of Sugar.  🙂


Stir Well to Dissolve.


Bring Mixture to a Rolling Boil.


Add the Pectin.  We Used Ball Real Fruit Liquid Pectin.


Carefully Pull the Jars from the Water Bath and Set Aside.


Bring Juice Mixture with Pectin to a Full Rolling Boil on High Heat for 1 Minute.

Watch the Pot Carefully.  Overflows are a Big Mess.


Ladle into the Jars.  Remove the Foam on the Top.


Screw on the Lids.  Place Filled Jars in a Water Bath.  Water Needs to Cover the Jar Tops.


Bring Water to a Gentle, Steady Boil.  Process for 10 Minutes.

While the Jars Process…Now For the Story.

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The Grape Farmer Princess 

My college days were in idyllic Western New York.  The school was perched on the edge of Lake Erie – frigid and windy but fun.  I rented an apartment with three roommates in a converted old barn – The Barn.  It sat in the middle of  fields and fields of grapes.   The landlords of The Barn owned the huge grape farm.  They lived on the edge of the fields in an ornate, all gold-leafy decorated farm house.  During the holidays, we were invited to their home for refreshments.  I never expected to see crystal chandeliers and ornate cherubs in a farm house.  They served lavish desserts on gold dishes.  They also had a cute son.

My roommates would tease me that my future was to Graduate, Marry the Grape Farmer Son and become a Grape Farmer too.  I would protest. They would Laugh.  Each September the Grape Farm Families in the Area pooled their money and rented a huge Grape Harvester for Picking.  Hundreds of grape pickers would descend on the fields and the picking would begin.  The grapes were sold to Welch’s.  It was fascinated to watch.  On One Early September Morning, I was invited to ride the Grape Harvester.  By the cute son.   Still in a nightgown, I climbed up onto the Harvester.  I could see for miles.  Grapes.  The smell was intoxicating.  The cute son was intoxicating too.  My roommates couldn’t believe what they were seeing.  There I was Flying 30 Feet Up in the Air on the Grape Harvester, Waving like Miss America.  White Flowy Nightgown with Wild Hair Blowing in the Wind.   Grapes Flying Everywhere.  Holding Tight to the Cute Son.  Just Like a Fairy Princess and Her Prince on a Splendid Coach.    It was Magical.

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Did I Become the Grape Farmer Princess to the Grape Farmer Prince?


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But the Smell of Grapes is still Intoxicating and Brings Me Back to the Crazy Possibilities.  🙂


And Now We Wait…For the Jelly Magic to Happen.


And Just Maybe Hoping for a Ride on a Grape Picker.

You Never Know When a Prince May Come Along.  🙂

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