Design the Pattern. Cut. Sew. 30 Minutes – Done!

Summer Into Fall.    What to Wear?

I’m So Done with All the Summer Stuff.   Everything is Tired and Limp.

Floral.  Floaty.  Over.

I’m Ready for Cool Weather Dressing.   But it’s Still Hot.

Fall Clothes are Trendy.  Classic.   In Luscious Cuddly Cool Weather Fabrics.

But in 90+ Temps.  Forget It.

Ahh, Problem Solved.  Linen!

Sure Linen is Great for Summer.  But Don’t Relegate it to Only One Season.

Image result for linen fabric

Hello Fall.  Hello Linen.

First a Pattern.   Simple.  An Elastic Waist Skirt.

No Zippers.  No Bands.  No Buttons.


You Can Do This.  Easy.  Remember…it’s All About the Fabric.

Simple Lines +  Fabulous Fabric = TaDah!

First a Pattern.

I’m Using the Gene Doll for Demonstration.


Hello Gene.

Image result for gene doll

A Sheet of Butcher Block Paper Works Great.  For Gene, I Used a Notepad.  The Paper needs to be large enough to Cover Your Skirt Area.


Hold the Paper and Measure either side of your waist.  Mark the Paper.


Connect the Dots.  The Top (Waist) and Bottom (Hem) should have a Slight Curve.

After All, We’re Curvy.


This is one Half of the Front.  Cut Out 4 Pieces.  All the Same Size.




Take 2 Halves and Sew Together.  This will be the Front and Back of the Skirt.



Measure the Length.  For the Width and Length, Cover the Front of Your Body.

Cut 4 Pieces.

Now the Real Deal…

One Piece Pattern.  Cut 4.




Once I learned how to make French Seams, I Never Looked Back.

Learn the Simple Technique for French Seams Here.




  Now the 4 Pieces are Sewn Together.  The 2 Fronts.  The 2 Backs.

Sew Sides.

Fold over the Bottom for the Hem.  Sew.

The Final Step.  Fold Over the Top.  Sew.  Insert Elastic.


30 Minutes!

Whoops.  Work.   Pop This On and Go…


Add a Black/White Striped Top.

Image result for black white striped top with linen skirt

30 Minute Magic!


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  1. Your Barbie’s are delightful. I think it’s great that you sew outfits for them. My mom used to make my Barbie clothes too, and would you believe I still have a couple of them to this day? I really like the Fall outfit your Barbie is wearing with the orange scarf and mittens. : ) Fall fashion is wonderful, isn’t it?


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