Flipping for the Doodle T Flip Skirt!

Not so very long ago, there was a little girl who loved to Flip and Dance.

With all the flipping and dancing, she needed clothes that would move with her.

She also insisted on dressing herself.  Buttons and Snaps.  Zippers and Loops.  Too Tough to Do.

So the Doodle T Flip Dress was Born.

Simple Really.  A Tee Shirt Top with a Flannel Skirt.

Feeling the Softness was Important.   And Flipping Upside Down Showed a New Fun Fabric.

The Original Miss Doodle T meets Her Match. Taos, NM.

The Doodle T Flip Dress Morphed and Evolved Over Time.

Today We Have a Created a “Sophisticated” Version…

The Doodle T Flip SKIRT!


Selecting Just the Right Fabrics is Key.

Loving the Pirate/Witch Girls – 100% Cotton.  For the Top Skirt.


Black and White Dogs – 100% Cotton Flannel.  For the Underskirt.

 There are No Wrong Answers.  Only Crazy Happiness Combinations!


Here’s the DIY.

Doodle T Flip Skirt…

Measure to Your Girl and Cut 2 Rectangular Strips.  Same Size.  This is the Top and Underskirt.

With Right Sides Together.  Sew the Hem First.



Next.  Sew the Sides to Create a Tube.


The Open Top will be the Waist Band.

Fold the Top Fabric Over to the Underside to Create a Channel for the Elastic.


Weave Elastic through the Channel.

Tip:  With Double Fabric, the Skirt can be a little heavy.  Keep the Elastic Tight to keep the skirt up.

Slippage is Not Good.  🙂


Top with a Doodle T Tee.  Or Any Crazy Patterned Tee.


The Back of the Tee.  Covered Coming and Going.


And for the New and Improved Doodle T…It’s Reversible!


We are Flipping Over the Doodle T Flip Skirt.


Watch the Doodle T Flip Skirt in Action…HERE!

Can You Say Magic?

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  1. this is so silly ‘n fun….and so stinkin’ cute. I wish I could sew better…I’d make my great-grand some of these…she loves to spin and twist and kick up her legs…

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