Tea or Coffee?

I’ll Have Both…Please.

I Need to Dye/Stain/Age the New Whiter Than White Duvet.

The Duvet Pattern is a Map of Old New York.


I love white bedding but the white duvet isn’t working with the Old World Look of the Master.


It Looks Too Sparkly New.

So I’m going to Try a Tea Stain.

Maple Tea from Canada.  Perfect.  Loved the Smell.  The Taste…Not So Much.

Did You Know 12 Teabags makes a really dark brew?

img_2310 img_2316

Let it Seep and Cool.  The Smell is Quite Nice.

img_2318 img_2324

Pop the White Duvet and Shams into the Washer.


Then Pour the Tea Brew into the Top Loader Washer.  Scary?  A Little.


Do One Wash Cycle.


It Works.  But I Think Still Too White.  Let’s Hang it Out to Dry and See What Happens.


No.  Not Enough Stain.


There’s Still Plenty of Sunshine Left in the Day, So On To Phase Two…



img_2402 img_2409

Very, Very Strong Coffee.  I Lost Count on the Scoops.


Just like the Polar Express Coffee…You Know, the Coffee with the Old Sock.


Into the Washer.  One Wash Cycle.  Hang to Dry.

img_2426 img_2432 img_2555

Parchment Paper Map Perfect.


I’m amazed that the Washer Dye Technique Left No Blotches or Uneven Color.


Tea and Coffee.  Really?


Yes!  And the Washer is Fine after Two “Palate Cleansings” of Bleach.  🙂

A Little Decorating Magic.

16 thoughts on “Tea or Coffee?

    1. Hi Nelson – you know, I never thought about how it would hold up…I was kind of sure that it wouldn’t work in the first place. The fabric is not 100% cotton so I figured that would be a problem. But you’re right, it’s simple enough to just do it again. Thanks for visiting! 🙂

    1. It is amazing. IN working with both tea and coffee, I saw that the tea dye was a little pinker and subtle. The coffee had a brown hue. I didn’t think about the color variations before I embarked on this experiment. But this time, it worked. 🙂

  1. It is SO much better. I wouldn’t have expected the difference would be so significant but it really looks fabulous. Parchment — one of my favorites! And your sweet kitty seems to be loving it too!

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