The “Best” for Last – ORC Week 5

One Room Challenge.  Week 5.

One Room Challenge™ Guest Participants, Week 5

A Conversation Overheard in the Master Bedroom…


Hey Muntin.    Hi Lite.

Did You Hear, One More Week for the One Room Challenge?

Yeah….Of Course We’re Left for Last.    Sure…We’re Old.  85 Years.  Originals.


I Thought When the New Windows Were Put In, We’d Be Thrown to the Curb.

But Here We Are.  Back Center Stage in the Master Bedroom in the Loft.

Windows on Three Walls.  Kind of Weird, but it Works.

I’m Loving Being Interior Windows.  No Rain, Snow, or Ice Pelting Our Panes.

Our Wood Frames Can Stay Dry.  No Sun Damage.   Ever Again.

As For Paint…I Thought We Were Home Free on that Front.

Free from Disastrous Painting Attempts.


We are Casements.  Multi-Light Casements.

Our Muntins are Legendary.  Wood.  Our Glass Pane Lites are Single.  Rail Thin.

Fragile and Proud.


But Extremely Difficult to Paint.  In Fact, Nearly Impossible.


Tedious Comes to Mind.  A Professional Touch is Recommended.


And Oh My.  Another Attempt at Changing Us Up.  From an Amateur.


So We’re Getting a Color Change?   I’m Quite Happy with the Light Blue.

True it was a Tad Whish Washy.  But It Works.   And our Panes are Paint-Free.

She’s Put Off Doing This Job.  She Knows it can be Disastrous.

Oh No.  Trouble.  She’s Going to Attempt Glossy Black on these Old Frames.

Old, Warped and Wonky.


High Gloss Black is Going to Show All Our Age Spots.


Hang On Guys.  She’s Serious…Painter’s Tape.


She is Trying Really Hard to Do This Right.  To Do Us Proud.


So Muntin, How Do You Feel?   Well the Paint is Quite Moisturizing.  Nice.


How Do We Look?  Still Wonky?


No.  I Like the Contrast.  It’s Bold yet Stately.


Someone Needs to Tell Her Retouching is Necessary.  And To Take it Slow.


There’s Still One Week till Final Reveal.


Don’t Worry.  We’ll Take the Lead on This.

A+ for Effort.



Thanks Guys.  My Lite Panes.  My Biggest Fans!

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12 thoughts on “The “Best” for Last – ORC Week 5

  1. I love the black windows! A razor blade or scraper helps remove any paint that gets on the window. I normally just paint and scrape, no taping off. If I leave it for too long, windex gets the rest off. 🙂 Can’t wait to see your reveal!

    1. Emy – You are so right about the razor blade trick…the taping took more time to do than the painting and the results were less than stellar…thanks for the proper tip…saved for next time! 🙂

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