A Date?

Mr. Doodle:  I Have the Day Off from Work Today for My Birthday.

Do You Want to Meet for Lunch?

I’m Not Sure Why I Was Surprised at this Question to Meet for Lunch.

But I Was Just Delighted.


A Simple Lunch Date.  Just for 2.

At a Favorite Local French Café…Le Troquet.

A One Block Walk from My Office.  Yet a World Away.


Pretty and Elegant.



With a Sprinkling of Christmas Sparkle.

img_3077 img_3079 img_3080 img_3081

The Café was Quiet and Warm.  And Empty except for Us.

We Had Some Precious Time Alone and Together.

We Talked of the Year and the Girls and Schedules and Our Life Together.

img_3087 img_3088

Then it was Time to Eat.

I would have been happy with just this roll.  Delicious.

img_3090 img_3091

Steak with String Fries.  With a Caesar Salad.


Chicken and Mushroom Crepe.  Rice.  Asparagus.  Steamed Tomato.

img_3096 img_3097

But All Too Soon, the Lunch was Over.  Schedules Raced Back Front and Center.


A Lunch Together.  Something that is hard to fit in with work and kids and ballet and home.

But something we will do more often.


Back to My Office Perch High Above the City.


The Long Shadows of December.  Darkness comes so early now.


Waiting for Sunset when the Mountains Turn Pink.

img_3119 img_3122

Pink Mountain.  Time to Head Home.  Time to Continue the Magic.

Dates are Fun.  And Never get Old.  Right?  🙂


16 thoughts on “A Date?

  1. How perfectly delightful! What a wonderful surprise for you — and for him, too! Your lunch looks so delicious (yum — love crepes!) and I loved the beautiful restaurant and simple but lovey decor. I love surprises like that!

    The views from your office window are fabulous. To see the mountains. You must be in the west of Canada, perhaps? Stunning.

    And thanks for coming by with such nice words on my holiday decorating post! I love Christmas in Blogland!

    Happy week!

    1. Merry Christmas to You…I laughed…Canada…I love Canada…but no…USA…Western USA…New Mexico! I forget how beautiful it is here. We all need to not forget that..right? 🙂

  2. It sounds like a wonderful interlude. I hope he enjoyed his birthday. 🙂 You’re fortunate to be able to look out at such a lovely view every day. I’ve never seen pink mountains before!

  3. Yes it was wonderful…and those mountains…truly every day at sunset they change to pink for about 30 seconds…and at this time of year their tops are “sugar coated”. Would make a great story. 🙂

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