A Mule Barn Christmas Spin

Let’s Talk Greasy Spoons.  Every Town Has One.

You Know, the Local Funky Place for Decent Food at Cheap Places.

Here We Have Murphy’s Mule Barn.

The Name Kind of Says it All.


We Took our Animal Friends to Lunch.    The Moose Siblings and R.F. Cardigan.

An Early Holiday Celebration.  Celebrating Being Together and the Joys of the Season.


We Popped the Critters on Murphy’s Spinning Tree.  They Loved It.

Ah, Yes.  The Tree Spins.


We Splurged Just Because and Ordered an Appetizer.

Fried Mushrooms, Zucchini and Pickles.    I Know…Right?!


The Mule Barn Menu – A Good Place to Eat.


The Entrees are Standard American Fare.  Big.  Bold.  Cheap.

Blue Cheese Burger and Fries.


Frito Pie.


Spaghetti and Meat Balls.


And of Course, Steak and Baked Potato.


We Chatted and Ate and Enjoyed Watching the Christmas Tree Spin.

I Still Can’t Figure Out How this Tree Works.  Why Doesn’t the Light Cord Get All Tangled?

Oh Well…No Matter.

It Spins.  It’s Silly.  Here…take a Look.

We Had a Magical Afternoon.  Together.

And Spent Next to Nothing for the Meal.  🙂


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