Traveling for Christmas…A Bus Adventure!

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The Idea Sounded Great in July.

Let’s Go to Florida for Christmas!

Let’s have a Real Christmas Vacation.  On the Beach.

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Switch Out Boots for Flip Flops.  Yes!

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And Then Around August Came the Question…

But Will Santa Find Us in Florida???

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My Answer Was Quick and Flippant…Of Course!

Santa Flies All Over the World.  Right?

Hmmm…So How Exactly is Santa Going to Find Us for Christmas?

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You See…Here’s the Deal…We are Traveling at the Crack of Dawn Early Christmas Morning.

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The Traditional Santa Protocol is for Santa to stop at our house Christmas Eve Night.

Once Everyone Has Gone to Bed.

You Know…just like The Night Before Christmas.

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So a New, Improved Santa Plan needs to be Hatched.

Santa will go to Florida once we get there.  After the Tree is Put Up.

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Our Elf will give Santa the Itinerary.


Santa, of course, makes Trips after Christmas.

The 26th is a Good Date for a Florida Visit from St. Nick.

Don’t You Think?

Mrs. Claus got to Work.  Shopping.

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By the Way, September is a Great Month for Christmas Shopping.

Gifts this year will be in Weight, not necessarily Color.

Christmas Wrappings are in the shops by October.

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Everything is Being Shipped to Florida.

Wrapped.  Bubbled.  Boxed.  Taped.  Labeled.

And Here’s the Best Part…Shipped by Greyhound Bus Transit!

Oh My Yes.

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Greyhound will take about One Week for the Shipment to Travel 2000 Miles.

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Planning is Intense. Military Strategic Planning is Front and Center.

There can be no glitches.  No Room for Error.

Clockwork is Necessary.

Friends…Really, Really Good Friends…will Meet the Packages at the Other End.

In Florida.

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Greyhound Takes Packages for Shipping, but Passenger Luggage is the Priority.  Sometimes Packages will be Bumped to Make Room for Passenger Luggage.

That’s Only Fair.

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Shipping Early before the Christmas Holiday Travel Crunch is Vital to Have this Plan Work.

The Greyhound cost to ship a package is based on Size and Weight and Destination.   The cost is way cheaper than standard mail delivery services.  The catch is that you need someone at the other end to retrieve the packages from the bus depot.

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This Shipment Includes a Very Special Wood Tabletop for a Kitchen Remodel in Florida.

Dimensions:  35″ x 34″ x 1″

Wood:  Walnut

Design:  Live Edge with Bark.  Solid Wood.  Stained.

Weight:  32 lbs.

Price to Ship on Greyhound:  About $100

For this End Counter Section…


Handcrafted From This Wood…


For This Kitchen.


At the House with This Pool.


A Kitchen Remodel during Christmas Vacation Planned from 2000 Miles Away?

All Shipped on a Bus?

And That My Friends is a Whole Other Story.

A Little Crazy?  Yes.  But Definitely Filled with Magic.

7 thoughts on “Traveling for Christmas…A Bus Adventure!

  1. Oh my gosh! That takes an enormous amount of planning and organizing! I hope it all goes slick as snot on a door knob (as my old gaffer used to say!). 😀 I can’t BELIEVE how much work you put into your blogs. You blow me away, girl!

    1. Thank you Calen…I love writing the blog posts…the words kind of spill right out of me which is lots of fun! You are right about this Christmas idea…The organizing, planning, shopping, wrapping and logistics of this venture is crazy and almost did me in…but I have good help and we did it together…making memories. 🙂

    1. Thanks Suzee…we’ll see…we’ll see! And the best part of this plan (if it works, of course) is that it is a secret(!)

  2. Wow — I’m impressed! (And I love all the photos that go with this, too!) Good luck! That was some serious planning!

    Thanks for cruising by the Gypsy! Love it when you come by and comment. Thank you!

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