A 2-Minute Blizzard

Well, it is January.

January and Snow.  Happy Together.

I am Thankful that the Snow Here Comes and Goes in a Hot Minute.

But it is Crazy to Watch.

Early Morning.   Cold.   Quiet.

Suddenly.  Hail Hitting the Windows.

Bouncing Off the Bricks.

1 Minute Coverage.


Accumulating Fast.

Total Coverage.

All in 2-Minutes.

Then Whoosh.  The Sun Breaks Through.

And Just as Quickly.  It’s Gone.

Spring Flowers Ready?    No.  Not Yet.

Always Amazing.

The Whoosh of a Blizzard…

Reduced to a Puddle.

And the Pellet Keeps On.  Keeps On.

January Magic.

6 thoughts on “A 2-Minute Blizzard

  1. Oh man! That’s the kind of storm I want! Here in Utah this year we’re getting one about every other day. Drops 6-8 inches then goes on it’s merry way. Our snowblower died this morning. Now the big decision whether to go buy a new one or try to wait it out. I’m beginning to understand why my folks went to Quartzsite, Arizona every year for the winter! Loved that second to the last picture!

    1. Oh my Calen…wow…that is way too much snow for me. You might want to rethink the waiting for Spring on the snow blower issue…after all, it is only January. Sorry. 🙂

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