A Castle in France on the Radar

2017 is the Year.

The Year of France for Us.

With Some High School French and Spanish Under Our Belts.  We are Up for the Adventure.

For Only One Week.  Sadly.  But in June.

Paris.  The City of Lights.  First.   No Particulars Yet.

But I did Find This VRBO Studio Apartment.  Sleeps 5.  Reasonable Price.

Every Time I Look at this Photo, I Chuckle.

Just Perfect.  Right?!

We enjoy staying at VRBO houses.  So much more like Home than a Hotel.

There’s always a kitchen and washer/dryer.  And a connection to the place with the property owners.

Living as a Local and Not a Tourist.

From Paris, the Plan is to Travel by Train to the Countryside.

To this Tiny Heritage Village to See this House in South West France.

A House for Sale.  🙂

My Heart Flip Flopped When I Saw It.

What Do You Think?

Let’s Go In and Take a Look.

Kitchen seems to have all that you’d need.


Living Room. Love the Windows.  Love the Fireplace.  Love the Sunlight.

Stairs to the Bedroom.

Bathroom Needs Some Work.  But it Works.

Another Sitting Room?  A Bedroom?  Not Sure on this.  Wood Stove?

Attic Bedroom.  Looks like a Fun Place to Sleep.

Front of the House?  Side?  Back?  Not Sure.  But it’s Charming.

And then there is THIS VIEW across the Street from the House.

A 14th Century Castle.

Yes.  Really.

I’m In!

Maybe just for a Visit.  For Now.  But You Never Know.

There Could be Some Magic.  🙂

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    1. The location is listed as this: Pays de la Loire, Mayenne, Lassay-les-Châteaux : North Mayenne
      I’m not totally sure exactly where it is. Does this location make any sense to you, Magali?

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