From 80 to 8

A 72 Degree Drop for Us.

Cold and Wet and Today a First Snow.

Icy Roads and Snow Will Close the Schools.

Time for a Morning Walk before the Sun and Everyone are Up.

Just Me and My Flip Flops and the Snow.

Care to Join Me?  OK, You Can Slip on Your Boots.

Quick before Everyone is Up.

Out the Back Door.  Untouched.

Flip Flop Footprints down the path.

Frosty Kitchen Window.  Cozy Inside.

The Driveway Gates.

My  Favorite Running Goats.

Flip Flops on the Driveway.

Look Back…It looks like a Rembrandt Chiaroscuro Image.

See…Stormy Landscape by Rembrandt.

Front Yard bathed in Light.

The Street.

Some Brave Souls have already been out.

The Tiny Tree Sprinkled with Snow.

No Bench Sitting Now.

Brrr….wet toes.

Let’s Get Back Inside.

Just Enough Time to Bake Hot Muffins for these Sleepy Heads.


A First Snowfall is always Magic.

Thanks for being Up for the Adventure.  🙂

13 thoughts on “From 80 to 8

  1. You just never disappoint! I was up with Shaggy at 6:10, I have little doggie prints and BOOT prints on the patio. Beginning to melt already. The picture of your house from outside the fence is amazing. Surprised folks were not stopping for coffee! Do you get a snow day too?

  2. Hi Suzee…thank you…love your comments…sadly, there is no rest for the weary(!)…but I’ll wait till the ice melts a bit before venturing out in this. Happy Friday! 🙂

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