Mr. Flu

Say it’s Not So.

Say it’s Not True.

Oh Lord, Mr. Flu, is that really You?

Yes.  In the Flesh.  In a Feverish Woe.

Flu is on His Game.  We are Way Low.

Ballerina Girl First.  She’s Never Been Sick.

Drained and Down.  Not Eating a Lick.

Oh Mom, is this really what it’s like?

I’m Sad and Feel Like I fell off a Bike.

Seven Days away from School.

Oh So Not Good.

Today She’s Being Brave and Going back to the Hood.

But in a Small Way it’s Been Nice.

Just My Girl and Me.

Talking and Remembering and Sipping Tea.

Image result for queen elizabeth drinking tea

The Crown is a Favorite.

Oh Mom, I See,

I Understand Why You Love all the Royalty.

I Pray Mr. Flu is Done Here.

And Moved on His Way.

Away from My Nest.  Gone for this Day.

Be Careful if You Travel, by Plane or by Boat.

For Mr. Flu is Lurking.  And Can’t take a Joke.

Stay Well.  My Friends.

I Love You So.

Happy to Be Up and On the Go.

On the Look Out for Magic.  🙂

12 thoughts on “Mr. Flu

  1. Glad to hear Ballerina Girl is better. As an old lady who is repeatedly threatened by the TV ads prior to flu season, I get a flu shot every year because I had the flu in 1970 and never want to feel that bad again. Older daughter, almost 50, called two weeks ago with the flu. She said she could not remember being that ill. I suggested next year she get a flu shot! Yesterday younger daughter called to tell me she was getting over the flu, describing the same misery. Did she get a flu shot? She is 47. Glad our girls are well now. We will have to wait for next year to see if there is flu shot magic!

    1. Thanks Suzee – the problem is we all got the shot but there are 3 strains floating around and she got one of the other ones. Stay well, my Friend. 🙂

  2. Yeah, that’s the problem with the flu shots, isn’t it? To a certain extent it’s a crap shoot. But since I’m diabetic I always get mine, and so far I’ve been blessed to not get sucker punched. That is so right about the plane. Man! A person needs to start taking Airborne a week before they get on the plane! Glad the little ballerina is on the mend. Best to her. 🙂

    1. Hi Jeanie – Wow, this flu is bad, bad, bad…we’re just coming up on the other side. She has had a rough go. Hoping for strength and good health to reign again. The teabag is from the Queen’s Jubilation…so silly.

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