Paris by Way of Reykjavik

We Did It!

We’re Really Going.

To Paris!  Waiting not so patiently for June.

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We did our own Travel Arrangements.  Together.  One Evening.

One LONG Evening.

Laptops.  Phones.  Maps.  Notebooks.

To Get the Best Price on Airfare.

Air Travel is Very Expensive when You Live Off a Main Thorofare.  Like We Do.

Here’s our Starting Point…Albuquerque in the Shadow of the Sandia Mountains.

Great Fares can easily be found for the New York to Paris Route.

But We First Need to Get to New York.

Here’s My Hot Tip for Booking Reasonable Airfare.


Begin with the Travel Sites to Find the Travel Routes and Airlines.

But Don’t Book with Them.  Leave the Search Tab Open.

Go to a New Search Tab.  Search the Individual Airline Directly.

You Should Find the Same Routes, but often at Lower Prices.

For this Trip, We are on Icelandair.

Would You Have Thought of Going to Paris by Way of Iceland?

No.  Me Neither.

But I am hearing that Iceland is the New Hot Travel Route.

Here’s the Map…There’s Iceland.  In the Middle of the Atlantic.  Just East of Greenland.

The Pink Speck in the Ocean.

Related image

Just a Few Hops, Skips and Giant Leaps.

Our Itinerary is Challenging but Interesting.  And it All Seems to Be in 3’s.

Three Days of Travel.  In Each Direction.

Three Planes Each Way.  Total of 5,182 Miles.

One Red Eye Plane to NYC.  Three Hour Layover in NYC.

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The Paris Route.  Three Hour Layover in Reykjavik.  11 Hours Travel Time.


Three Days in Paris.  Sorbonne Area.  I just twirled my finger and landed here.

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Three Hours on a Train from Paris to Points as Yet Unknown.

Image result for paris train to laval

Three Days in the French Countryside.

Image result for laval france

And Reverse.

To Go Home.

Do You have Favorite Places to Visit in Northern and Central France?

The small-town charm 0f Bergues in northern France. Image by John Miller / Robert Harding World Imagery / Getty Images.

I’d Love to Hear.

Can’t Wait for You to Come Along for the Adventure.  Magic.

13 thoughts on “Paris by Way of Reykjavik

  1. How exciting for you as well, Calen. Yes, I love Catherine’s blog and have looked into her Paris hotel choice for perhaps a one night stay on our way home. We need to share travel tips. 🙂

  2. A nephew and his family went to Iceland three years ago and said they could have spent time in Iceland and then gone on to Paris on the same tickets. If true, may account for the popularity of Icelandic Air. They loved loved Iceland but with small kids passed on Paris. Very happy for you. BTW, my friend Karin (unit 82, you met her) was as the event and was so thrilled that Ms Doodle won the raffle!

  3. Hi Suzee – so this really is a small town…next year you must come to the banquet(!) Iceland…who knew?! Too bad we won’t be able to leave the airport.

  4. We leave June 13th on Air France from JFK to Paris. Then we have a three hour layover because we’ll be flying to Nice for two weeks! Best airfares are from JFK. It’s half the price of flying from Philly for us. You. Are. Gonna. Love. Paris!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Hey Catherine…we almost could meet you in Paris…we fly back June 15…hmmm…now wouldn’t that be something. 🙂

  5. This is your first trip? Oh, you will fall in love. The Sorbonne area is a good one for staying — lots close at hand but then in Paris, everything is really fairly close if you use the Metro or take the bus. I have a lot of travel tips to France in some of my posts on Marmelade Gypsy. Put Paris or France in the search bar. The ones from 2009 included the tips (I did tips for each post) but you can get the gist from others. My biggest tip is not there but the first thing I tell people — check out the blog Peter’s Paris (there’s a link on my page) and go down on the right side to the Paris Greeters button. It’s a volunteer organization that offers free walks through Paris to individuals and small groups based on interest. Peter is a blog friend who volunteers for this organization. We didn’t book through them because Peter took us on one of his tours but I know they are excellent and a good way to see things off the beaten path. You’ll want to see the main stuff but there is so much more — smaller museums, some free or get the museum pass for discounts if that’s your thing.

    For day trips, I recommend Giverny and Monet’s garden, since you are going in the spring. It’s beautiful and not too far from Paris — I think you can probably find a bus tour or train (not sure about the train). And to me one of the most moving things was the Normandy beaches and American cemetery. It truly takes your breath away (and watch “The Longest Day” or “Saving Private Ryan” to see what it must have felt like! I’ve heard Versailles and Chartres are great but haven’t been there.

    I’m happy to email you the Paris tips sheet I send to friends who are going. Let me know (you can reply to this comment via email) and if you are a no-reply blogger, include your address. Also let me know some of the things you and your kids would enjoy (museums? concerts? shopping? special interests?)

    I’m so excited for you — can’t wait for your posts!

  6. Oh thank you Jeanie…I will check out all your tips. I would love info on Paris for kids…Mr. Doodle is excited to see the Normandy beaches and the American cemetery. My grandfather was in France during WWI. I need to do some research to find out where exactly he was. The gardens sound wonderful. I would like to visit Versailles but that may take a full day away from Paris…we are only there for 3 days. My little one is most excited about walking to a bakery for croissants each morning… 🙂

    My email:

  7. I LOVE Paris!! … and I simply LOVE, LOVE, LOVE France.

    … and yes I’ve been to Reykjavik. We discovered a couple of years ago that it was cheaper to fly to Copenhagen via Reykjavik on IcelandAir. They have been doing a lot of promotion for tourism to Iceland and it seems to really be working.

    I’m so excited for you. If you ask my opinion, it doesn’t really matter what you do while you’re there … you’ll be in France! <3

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