Thomas Edison and Henry Ford and Florida, Oh My

The Next Time You venture to Ft. Myers, Florida, there are two fabulous homes You Must Visit.

The Winter Estates of Thomas Edison and Henry Ford.

Neighbors with Star Power.

Yes.  Those Guys.  Powerhouse Innovative Inventors of the 20th Century.

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Electricity and Cars.  Where would the 21st Century be without them?

I appreciate all that…

But it’s their selection of Real Estate that set my Heart a Flutter.

These Two Homes sit on McGregor Boulevard in Ft. Myers.   The Gateway Road to Sanibel Island.

 The Backyard of the Edison and Ford Estates is the Caloosahatchee River.

Let’s Walk the Grounds and Take it All In.

Edison found the property in 1885.

The Edison Museum is Filled with his Many Inventions.

Successes as Well as the Many Failures.

Loved seeing his Hand in Bronze.  So Powerful.

His Invention of the Electric Pen was not a Success.

But then there’s the  Phonograph…Do You Know the First Song Played on the Phonograph?

Mary had a Little Lamb.

The Lighting throughout the Museum and House is Exquisite.

Larger than Life Size  – Thomas Edison.

His Wife.  Mina Miller Edison.  His Rock.

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Edison’s Lab and Factory on the Estate.

Edison built a dock along the River for Shipments.

This was always a Working Vacation for Edison.

His Mind was Full of Wonderful Ideas.  He Never Stopped.

He even constructed a Building for Thinking.  Separate from the Main House.

The Lush Gardens.  With Other-Worldly Plants.

The Edison House at Christmas.

Chandeliers are in every room.  With Edison bulbs, of course(!)

Long Wide Porches to catch Cool Breezes.

The Butler’s Pantry.

Henry Ford was the Next Door Neighbor.

The Ford Home was Built in 1916.  A bit more Modern than Edison’s.

Ford Brought Along his Automobiles.

Mr. Doodle loved the Cars.

I fancied the Home Interiors.
Check out this Seafoam Green Sink in a Pink Bathroom accessed from the back Porch.

So Florida.

The Ford Parlor.

Large Ceiling Beams and Heart Pine Wood Floors.  Mission Fixtures.

Dining Room.

Bedroom for the Staff.

I wanted to climb over the velvet ropes and trot up these stairs.  Bet the views are stunning.

Lovely.  And Very Livable.

The Grounds are so Peaceful and Cool.

Fruit Trees abound but No Picking Allowed.

Party Dress Pink Garden Flower in December.

I Love Florida(!)

Now…Off to the Sanibel.   Just in time for a December Sunset.

The Shells of Sanibel.

Thank You Thomas Edison and Henry Ford.

Love the Magic of Thinking and Dreaming and Time Spent Together.

10 thoughts on “Thomas Edison and Henry Ford and Florida, Oh My

    1. The girls were quite intrigued with the electric pen…but it was a great lesson in not all our ideas are great ones, but we need to keep trying. 🙂 I know…Sanibel Island and those shells is legendary…bending down to pick up a shell is called the “Sanibel Stoop”. 🙂

  1. These both look spectacular. I’m thinking I should really get down there — we have friends in the area and Rick’s aunts take a house by there for the month of March. We’ll see how Michigan treats us! And my favorite photo? The Sanibel Shells!

  2. Oh my yes, the shells…outrageous and a tad overwhelming….a trip to Florida after a Michigan winter is a wonderful idea. I had never been to Florida in December…I see now why people go to Florida in the winter. 🙂
    But I can tell you that the traffic on Sanibel is nutty….but the beaches are well…just like the photo.

    1. Hi Danielle – So glad you could come along. Sanibel Island has amazing shells (as you can see) but the traffic getting on and off the island during the high season (now) is horrid….but oh boy, once you’re there, it’s spectacular.

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