A Walled City to Stay

Forging Forward.

All of the Scary Hospital Stuff will be Behind Us.

Of this I Pray.

And We Will have France in June.  🙂

A Family of 4 in France.

VRBO makes it Easy to Find a Place to Stay.

This will be our First Trip to France.

Looking for Adventure in the Cities and French Countryside.

I Loved Scrolling through the Endless Possibilities on VRBO.

And then This Popped Up.  How About a Walled City?

150 Miles from Paris in North West France.


Sainte-Suzanne.  Medieval City with a Castle.

Image result for location of sainte suzanne france

We’re Talking Old.  Like 10th Century Old.

Here is a little of what I’ve learned…

Sainte-Suzanne is a perfect natural defensive spot.  Even William the Conqueror in the 11th Century couldn’t capture the city.

During the Hundred Years War (15th Century) the city fell and was occupied by the English for 14 years.  The French came back strong and regained control.

I probably should have paid better attention in Western Civilization.  I did way too much sleeping on that Massive Tome hoping it would magically sink in.   It Didn’t.  Hmm…

Sainte-Suzanne is called a City of Character.   The Castle, Ramparts and Buildings all Remain.

And We have an Opportunity to stay within her Walls.

Sounds like a Glorious Plan, Right?!

Looking forward to a Morning Walk to the Patisserie.  For Croissants!

Image result for french patisserie shop croissants

Travel within the Country by Car or Train or Both has to be Decided.

There is Time for That.

Come Take a Peek through the Blue Door.

Ancient Carved Stone with Modern Touches.

A Full Kitchen and a Washing Machine (!)

Travel Secret…Washing Machines and Carry-Ons are Perfect Together.

Will it be Chilly Enough for a Fire in June?

Upstairs 2 Bedrooms.  The Princess Room.

The Soothing Master.

Outdoor Walled Balcony off the Kitchen.  Sweet in Yellow and Green.

We are all Looking Ahead to June.

Healthy and Happy and Filled with Magic.

Castles and Magic.  Oh My.

7 thoughts on “A Walled City to Stay

  1. Oh, Jeanne. I’m glad it looks to be over in the hospital. I hope so and that whatever all you must deal with it is either through or easily manageable.

    France sounds divine. I love that place. I suspect you will be bombarded with people telling you their favorites. I think had I discovered the beautiful spot you showed, that would be MY favorite! It looks amazing and magical. I would recommend three things in particular — two outside of Paris. One is don’t miss a visit to Giverny in June. It’s lovely and it will have you wanting every Monet thing you ever dreamed of! And that is also within striking distance of the beaches of Normandy. (Watch Saving Private Ryan or The Longest Day before you go and don’t forget to go all the way to the water and look up!)

    In Paris, Peter Olson of Peter’s Paris is a volunteer tour guide for a group called Paris Greeters. There is a link to it on his blog. They take small groups (up to 6) on walks through Paris based on interest and it is free, although donations are gratefully accepted. They’re very knowledgeable and you get a tad of real life, not just the monuments.

    If you are looking for other tips go to my blog and in the search bar put Paris or France and you’ll find loads of posts that are my take. The 2009 ones include travel tips; the 2012 ones are mostly different spots. than the older ones. A few duplicates. I love that you are going! What joy — especially after recent events.

  2. I’m just holding my breath here! What an absolute fantasy vacation! I have so many books on Medieval villages, towns, and castles that I can just imagine being there in its hay day. Can’t wait to see what you get up to! 😀

    1. Hi Magali – The trip is planned and I am hoping we will be able to go…health issues may stop this for now…but we still have some time…but since Sainte-Suzanne has been there for centuries…it will be there in the event we can’t go now and will hold off for the future. 🙂

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