A World Unto Itself

The World of Hospitals.

This Family has Never Experienced the World of Hospitals.

Until Now.

It is Quite Fascinating.  Such Protocol.  Unique Lingo.  Different Behaviors.

And the 7:00 Hours.  Morning and Evening.

At 7:00 the Entire Complex Begins to Move.

Shifts Change.  Teams Morph One into the Next.

Day to Night.

Night to Day.  Over and Over and Over.

And Here We are in its Center watching it all Swirl Around.

We are Touched by Teams.

Techs, Nurses, Medical Students, Residents, Attending Physicians, Experts.

A Teaching Hospital.  An Impressive, Exceptional Operation.

All there for One Thing.

To Help My Child Get Well.

I Watch the Sun Come Up from this Lovely Suite.

I Notice the Mountains Turn Pink at Sunset from the Same Suite.

The World Swirls Right By.  But Doesn’t Step Inside.

Sunny Warm Weather in February.  I Guess it Happened.


Super Bowl Sunday.  It was Very Quiet Here.  But I know that Happened Too.

No Super Bowl Dips.  No Chicken Wings.

No Together Being Home.

In all the Craziness, I mentioned that it may be hard to find Magic for these Days.

But the Magic is Here too.

Listening to my daughter tell the nurse that her special place is Home.

Why Home?  Because My Mom is There.  Magic.

Mr.  Doodle assuring Me that We are a Team and We Will Do This.

Magic of a Team.

Hearing Him Tell our daughter that He Loves her.

Wonderful Magic.

And My Youngest.  Watching Her be Frightened but Strong.

And Giving Me a Sprinkle of Pink Fairy Dust.

For a Little Extra Magic.  For Mom to Be OK.

In this Unique World, there is Magic.

15 thoughts on “A World Unto Itself

    1. We’re still in the hospital…lots of tests but nothing definitive yet…if there ever is a definitive in this world. Trying to be hopeful and stay strong for all of us. Thanks for your kind words.

  1. Jeanne, I am sending love, light and wishes for healing to you and your family, especially your sweet daughter. There’s that awful time when you are waiting for results, an answer (preferably a good answer) but something so you can move on to the business of getting well, She will be in my heart. Wrap yourself in the love of other bloggers who are all part of your team.

  2. I hope your daughter is fine…. this post manages to encapsulate the emotions: watching the day breaking over the little universe that is the hospital, then the sun going down on it… Waiting… Although it all looks a lot nicer than an Irish hospital! But that could be the pink sky.
    Best wishes to you and your girls.

    1. This is a first time for us in the hospital…honestly, I was shocked at how lovely it is…it’s a teaching hospital so a patient is seen by teams of doctors…it is truly exceptional care…but everyone still just wants to go home. 🙂

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