An Office within An Office

In a Tall, Tall Building.

On the Almost Top Floor.

Is an Office within an Office with a Solid Wood Door.

With Windows that Look out on a Mountain and a School.

An Office where I Work and Try to Apply each Rule.

A Lawyer by Day and Sometimes by Night.

A Lawyer in an Office staying Calm in the Fight.

My Family is close by.

A Phone Call away.

We check in on each other throughout the Long Day.

An Office within an Office with a Solid Wood Door.

It’s where I Help Others, Give of myself and so much More.

Now a Change in the Set Up.

I must



the Hall.

I’m not sure I like this, but a Team Player does it for All.

So Now My Office in an Office has a Fun New View,

With Walls painted from Blah Beige to the Palest of Blue.

We worked this weekend to do the switch,

It was Hard and Tiring but done with ne’er a hitch.

With Paint and Cleaners, Just My Family and I,

Laughing and Working and Eating cold Pizza Pie.

My Office within an Office with a Solid Wood Door,

I Look at the Transformation and I Smile some More.

Enjoy the Before and After.

My View Before.  Downtown Albuquerque and the Sandia Mountains.

Lovely Northern Light.

My View After.  The “Wall of Honors”.  🙂

Southern Light.  Vistas for Miles.  Oversees the Airport Flight Paths.

Furniture in Place.   Waiting for the Computer.

Very Sunny in late Afternoon.

Ikea Black/White Striped Rug breathes new life to Hand-Me-Down Furniture .

  Together We Work Magic.

6 thoughts on “An Office within An Office

  1. I always hated when I had to move offices but just about every time it ended up being better! (Once, not so good, but that’s life). It looks lovely. You did a great job in what looks like a short period of time!

    1. I really do miss the other space but this one is ok…I’m afraid all the hospital stuff has colored this new office space in a negative way…but we are all moving forward and it will get better.

  2. I think the thing that I would miss is the view of the mountains. Living here in Utah I can look up at the mountains (we live below them in the valley) and know how HIGH THE SKY IS. I have lots of room to breathe, lots of air. But when I go home to Ohio where there ARE no mountains, only flat land, not only can’t I tell which way is east or west, but I feel like the sky is sitting right on top of me and I’m going to suffocate. That’s what I thought when I saw your different views. Do you feel more shut in in your new office?

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