Art for the Soul

A High School Art Project to be done in the Genre of Jean-Michel Basquiat.

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Words and Paint Graffiti Inspired.  Friend to Andy Warhol.

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The project was to create your own Jean-Michel Basquiat-inspired piece.

She put Heart and Soul into her creation.  With her recent hospital stay as the inspiration.

Used Pointe Shoes are the ‘Canvas”.

Colors of Gold and Red for China.

 Ahh…fresh Acrylic Paint.  Ready for Creating.

The Shoe will hold All the Scariness of being Sick.

The Ribbons will be All the Wishes and Love and Home.

Work at Home while the Pets Rest.

The painted shoes were frightening to me…but she was empowered.

With Some Get Well Flowers Inspiration.

And a “Souvenir” IV Flush to finish the piece.

Some More Resting.

Rest to Ease the Pain.

Art to Fuel the Soul.

Hoping with Each Brush Stroke that all the Scariness of the Hospital Washes Away…

Mononucleosis.  Oncology.  IVs.  Anemia.  Needles.  Blood Transfusions.  Pain.

Pediatrics.  Hospital Stay.  Fatigue.  Dehydration.  Red Blood Cells.  Hematology.

And Quotes are included too…”You have a very sick daughter.”

“You have a Very Strong Daughter.”

Art is inspirational and healing.

Looking to the Light for the Magic.

14 thoughts on “Art for the Soul

  1. Wow. This would be an incredibly powerful piece just on its own merit but to build it from the soul and from the ground up, with the terror and pain and ultimate hope is just too remarkable for words. You know you have an amazing daughter — you’ve known it all along. But now we all know it too.

    1. Hi Calen – Thank you. I only wish putting all the feelings and fears in the piece would have made this illness disappear…not yet…time. She needs time to heal.

  2. Hi again, Jeanne — I always hate to leave replies to comments on someone else’s blog but I know I rarely go back once I’ve made a comment and I’m not sure others do to me and I didn’t know how to reach you by email. So —

    A Xyron machine (or in this case the Xyron 150 sticker-maker) is a little machine where you put in something not sticky, pull it through the space and it comes out sticky on one side. Xyron is the brand and they do very large machines too but I don’t use those. I have too much stuff as it is! But this little x-shaped box is a gem.If you look at the amazon link here: you will see that there is a space (top left) and you put through anything 1 1/2″ or less — I might do two thinner pieces of ribbon that are the same length or even small photos. You make sure it “catches” and pull out the other side (lower right on the picture). The “down” side of what you put in now has a sticky back. Just press it strongly (I use my thumbnail or bone folder) and then tear off the top piece and put it down on your surface.

    It’s fun to trim things with ribbon but sometimes using wet glue is messy and takes a long time to dry and that double stick tape can be hard to work with for me. I love this.

    Anyway, sorry about taking up so much space! But thanks for asking. (If there is a way you’d rather I reply to comments, just email and tell me what it is!)

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