Finding Magic in the Dark

After the Nurses and Doctor Teams and Experts Step Away.

Once the IVs, Scans and X-rays finish the Day.

Just Before School and the World Enters the Fray.

It’s Mom.  Just Mom.  To Forge the Way.

Very Scary Flying Solo once the Support is Done.

It’s Mom who brings the Child Back into the Sun.

And I am So Very Proud to Be Mom.

But Can I Find Magic in This?

Yes.  Lots.

A Family Coming Together, Stronger than Before.

A Young Woman who May Have Found her own Career Door.

The Younger Child who sees how Together we Fit.

Magic.  True Magic.  Flickers like the Candle We Lit.

One Day More to Rest.  To Enjoy the Warmth of the Sun.

Before Work, School and Life Enriches Each One.

But a Reminder to Me.  As a Wife and Mom to these Two.

Relish Moments of the Magic of I Love You.

16 thoughts on “Finding Magic in the Dark

  1. I have been thinking of you and often these past couple of days and hoping that the word you receive is the world you want. This post is so very beautiful and so powerful. It is one to bookmark and save for its poignancy, honesty and deep love. Still sending good thoughts your way and hoping things will be all right.

    1. Thank you Jeanie – your kind thoughts mean so much to us. This has been very difficult but we are hoping for the best. Your kind words are filled with such reassuring warmth. Thank you.

  2. When the world is not right with one of our children, the rest of life fades into the background. I hope this painful experience has reached – or is close to – a happy resolution. I know what those long hours feel like – stretching into days and weeks – of fear and worry. My heart is with you.

  3. Calen – You are so correct. I had to stop myself from saying, let’s just get out of here…in fact, I did say that out loud…but she is receiving such wonderful care and getting stronger.

    1. I certainly will…all of this happened as we were planning our trip to France…she is studying French in school and doing very well and we thought it would be the perfect time to go…in June. 🙂

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