2848 Emails

When I’m stressed, I clean.

Cleaning is mindless, but relaxing.

And Laundry is the Best Form of Cleaning for Me.

I Set the Cleaning in Motion.  The Machines Do the Work.

It Frees Up My Mind to Take Stock of Things.

To Think.  To Reflect.  To Move Forward.

And So it is with Emails.

With Our Lives on Hold, My Home Email Account Filled to Overflowing.

2848 Emails.  A Winter’s Worth of Writings.

While we wait for Answers.  I finally was able to Scroll.

I enjoyed reading all the emails.  Thoughts from People Near and Far.

But it was time for Spring Cleaning.

Welcome Spring.  Sunshine.  Warm Breezes.  Blooms.

And Opening Up the Doors and Windows to Good Health.

We Look Forward to Your Magic.

6 thoughts on “2848 Emails

  1. It’s hard to keep on top of all the email, isn’t it? We were only gone a week and it just kept coming and coming. Tried to at least clean out the spammy stuff but there are all those that need attention, even if it’s just a thank you.

    I love every photo — your laundry flying is so beautiful!

  2. The images you’ve chosen evoke a feeling of freshness, clean starts, new beginnings. Spring inspires all of those!
    Tackling an email box like that one takes some heavy lifting 🙂

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