A Month of Tuesdays

It started with Taco Tuesday.

Eat a Taco.  Ten Minutes Later Severe Belly Pain.

And went downhill from there.

ER.   Hospital Admission.  Tests.  Questions.  Treatment.


Each Week We Try to Move Forward.  Follow Protocol.  Take every Test.

And then Comes another Tuesday.

The Path gets diverted.  Or challenged.  It Doesn’t go our Way.

We were hoping the Tide would Turn and She Can Go Home.

On Tuesday.

But Not Yet.

I have promised that one day…soon…this will be behind us.

I am keeping my promise.

She says we’ve learned a lot from this.

Yes.  That is certainly so.

Hello Magic.

Now would be a good time to Step Up Here.

6 thoughts on “A Month of Tuesdays

    1. Work has been good but it is now time that I must return…full time…this is the first step to getting this family back to our lives. Who ever said life was easy?….well, I kind of thought that it was…but the scary stuff makes us stronger…We are ready to jump back in. Calen, your support has been most appreciated…thanks. 🙂

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