Eating Like the 1950s

Sometimes You Just Need Some Fun.

We Certainly Did.  Do.

A Silly, Local Restaurant here…66 Diner Delivers the Giggles.

In Albuquerque on the infamous Route 66.

And a Hop, Skip and Jump from the Hospital Center.

Taking Some Moments to Sooth the Craziness that is Life.

To Step Away.  To Share a Meal.  To Be Normal.

She had no idea how this worked…

Or what this was…

Hop Scotch in the Middle of a Restaurant.  I’ll Take It.

Selecting Tunes the 1950s way.

Elvis and Mamie Eisenhower Pink.


Cherry Pie.  Just Like Mom Never Made. 🙂

An Excellent Choice to Eat and Chuckle.

Chicken Salad.  Comfort Food for Me.  Tasteless but Familiar.

Mr. Doodle can always eat.  Meat Loaf with Mashed and Brown Gravy.

Gotta Love this Guy.

Miss Doodle 2…Frito Pie.  Ugh.  Don’t Get Me Started…Fritos as the Meal?!

We Shared a Coke.

And a Side of Slaw.

Yes.  Hot Fudge Ice Cream Sundae to add the Zing.

Smiles Help.

Sticky Happiness.  Adds a Sprinkle of Magic.

14 thoughts on “Eating Like the 1950s

  1. Love this! Growing up in the 50s, what a time! A shake, Coke or egg cream at Louie’s candy store, a fully stocked juke box. You all are looking good. Mr. Doodle must have been hungry!

  2. I’m sittin’ here singing the theme song from “Happy Days!” 😀 It’s amazing how many of these almost identical diners are along Route 66. That infamous highway! But I must admit, I’ve never seen a Coke machine like that either! And Frito Pie? Oh good heavens… Sounds just a bit off! LOL What a fun post. Took me back!

    1. Ha! When I first moved Out West, I taught school and Frito Pie was served in the school cafeteria…I was horrified! Now my own daughter thinks it’s just the best thing to order. ..where have I gone wrong?! 🙂

  3. Boy does this post bring back memories of Jahn’s Ice Cream Parlor and great places along Liberty Avenue in Ozone Park, NY before we moved to Long Island! The hop scotch. I’m in love!!! This was a nice happy post. And continued prayers for your daughter!!!!! XOXOXOXO

    1. Hi Catherine…I swear we could have been neighbors. 🙂 We needed a happy moment…this place fit the bill…thanks for the prayers.

  4. I love a vintage diner. Even when (maybe especially when) they are kitchschy (sp) and have the floor, the right furniture, all that! The food looks fabulous too — and you’re right — sometimes you have to have some fun!

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