Great Airfares with Lessons Learned

Travel Insurance.

Do You Purchase Travel Insurance when you book Airfare?

We Never Did.

Never needed to.   Never thought about it.

Our Summer Trip.  Booked in January for the Best Airfare.

Ahhh France in June.  A Paris apartment on the Left Bank.  Visit to the Palace of Versailles.  Croissant Breakfasts every day.  Tenth Century Walled City in the Countryside.  Omaha Beaches.  Planes.  Trains.  Cars.  Boats.  Travel by way of New York and Iceland.  With Stops in Reykjavik, Paris and NYC.  A Chance to Speak French.  To Eat French.  To Live French.

A Family of 4 in France.  An Exciting Adventure.


Not Happening.

A Hard Lesson has been learned.  Booking in January for a trip in June often gets you great travel fares.  But if the trip has to be cancelled or changed…for whatever the reason…without travel insurance, you lose.

You knew that, didn’t you?

Guess I did too.

Even Hard Heads learn the Lessons.

Lesson Learned.

I must add that all the places we reserved on VRBO have graciously returned our deposits. 

Thank you. 🙂

Airfare Travel Insurance.   Please Think Twice before NOT Checking the “Yes” Box.

Guess that is the Magic.

5 thoughts on “Great Airfares with Lessons Learned

  1. Oh Jeanne, I’m so sorry. Definitely a huge chunk of change, too. But I probably would have done the same in the past, though I’ll take your words to heart now. The first time I ever thought about that was when I was thinking of doing a riverboat tour in Germany for the Christmas markets. They were pretty intense about the travel insurance issue. I ended up not signing up for the tour for other reasons but as it turned out, I had the flu during the time it would have been and perhaps I would have canceled and lost it all. Till then, it never entered my mind.

    What a sad disappointment for you all — both not being able to take the trip and then the cancellation problems. I’d like to hope that maybe by June, two more months — you could take that plane and see what you can come up with lodgings-wise. Since you won’t get a refund, maybe you should cancel a little closer to the time?

  2. Hi Jeanie – A good thought on waiting before cancelling…but the cost to change dates was crazy expensive too…so we just cut our loses now. We will do the trip one day…hopefully sooner than later….and we will include the travel insurance… 🙂

  3. We’ve been on several cruises, and we always take the insurance. But I must admit we never thought about the airfare. I wonder how that would work since our airfare is always included in our package. It must be heart breaking for everyone that you have to cancel the trip. But you gotta do the smart thing.

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