New Mexican Mexican

Food.  New Mexican Food.

We live in New Mexico.  You know, the state where a wall is being batted around.

Okay.  Don’t get me started.

But anyway, I thought it would be fun to give you a quick lesson on New Mexican Food.

It is Very Different from Mexican Food.

New Mexican Food is all about Chile.  Red or Green Chile.  Or Both – Christmas.

Chile plants are grown and revered here.  Everyone has a take/tip/theory on how to grow Chile.

The drier the season, the hotter the chile. And it can get pretty dry here.

You Know the Saying…

Image result for yeah but it's a dry heat

Chile is incorporated in Every Dish…Beef, Pork, Shrimp.  Fish.

In fact, the State Question is…”Red or Green?”.

Just up the road from Hospital Center is Los Cuates.  The Twins.

A Stellar New Mexican Food Stop.

There’s a table in the corner.  Take a Seat.  Let’s Order.

Shrimp Salad with Avocado and Green Chile.  The only thing that would make this dish better would be to have it while sitting on a dock overlooking the sea.  So Fresh.

A Combination Plate…Beef Tamales with Green Chile and Rice.

Shredded Beef Tacos with Rice.

Sopaipillas.  Fried flour dough puffed pastry.  Served warm with honey drizzles.

Cuts the heat of the Chile.

The plates are huge and perfect for leftover lunches.

Because it is Lent, Los Cuates serves Natillas for dessert.

A Rice Pudding without the Rice.

Flour custard with cinnamon and raisins.  Served Warm.  Comfort Food of New Mexico.

And then there’s the Virgin Mary.  She has been showing up quite a bit lately.

She holds a special place in this restaurant.  Right across from the Bar.

I was surprised, but glad to see her.

A Little Hint of Magic.

8 thoughts on “New Mexican Mexican

      1. Being from Brooklyn, used to be Chinese food was #1 with me. Never really craved Mexican food in California, but in NM, New Mexican has moved to the top of my list! Next thing you know I will be doing the Fall green chile thing! Good thoughts your way!

        1. Thanks Suzee for visiting…truth be told, New Mexican is not my favorite, but I appreciate that the New Mexican food here is authentic and the best around. I could still eat Chinese every day…is that really a New York thing?? 🙂

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