Some Mornings Need Stamped Toast

Don’t You Think?

You Know.   Pictures Stamped into Bread before Toasting?

Very Silly.  Some Mornings Very Much Needed.

Of Course, White Bread Works Best for Stamping.

We found a Good White Bread at Costco.

Just Thick Enough and All Natural.

I Know.  White Bread has zero nutrition.

But some Mornings, we can forgo Nutrition for Fun and Silliness and Smiles.

Like This Morning.

We Gathered All our Heavy Hitters…Smile.  Good Morning.  Mickey Mouse.

and the Virgin Mary…Holy Toast…their Name, Not Mine.

If, by chance, you don’t own Toast Stamps, Amazon has an excellent collection….just saying.



Pop in the Toaster.

Add Coffee.

And Grapefruit to get past the Guilt. 🙂

Stamped Toast Magic.

Watch for the Magical Glint in Your Eye.

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