Ahhh, The Boys of Summer

Baseball.  Minor League Baseball.

Here in Albuquerque, it’s the Isotopes.  Farm Team to the Colorado Rockies.

That’s It.  That’s All I know.

Baseball is not my favorite pastime, but it has always been part of my life.

I fondly call Baseball the Background Noise of Summer.

Summer that Goes on into the Fall.  Seemingly Forever. 🙂

But that’s Ok.  For Mr. Doodle, Baseball is King.

He Loves Everything About it.

I Like the Goofy Food.

And So, on a Morning Drive to Work, the Classical Station was giving away tickets to the Isotopes….

Topes Tuesday.  Call in and Win.

I Won.

Which actually isn’t that big of a deal because not many people here listen to the Classical Station.

When they have a contest, I always win.  Not much competition.

With Free Baseball Cards to the first 3000 guests.

And the Food.  $42 for a family of 4.

But oh my, the Seats….Far, Far, Far Right Field.  In the Fly Ball Zone.

Tooth Fairy Money gives you free reign to buy all the snacks…Cotton Candy, Soda, Dippin’ Dots.

We made it to the Fourth Inning.  The sun finally set.  The winds picked up.  The air was cool.

A Good, Short Night of Baseball.

And the next morning, buried on Page 4 of the Sport’s Section…

Isotopes lost to the Oklahoma City Dodgers 8 – 6.


Some Stay-at-Home Magic.

5 thoughts on “Ahhh, The Boys of Summer

  1. Glad to see you are out and having fun in the summer sun with ALL FOUR! We have a minor league team here, too — the Lansing Lugnuts (auto-related, of course!). I’m not a huge fan of baseball, but I do have my favorite teams — I’m big on Cleveland because my cousins are there and if you aren’t an Indians fan and visit in the summer, you’d better find something else to do! And Detroit’s Tigers, too. But I’m mostly just aware — it’s rare I sit down to watch a whole game unless we do as you did and go to the Luggies on a nice evening, just for the fun of it. Looks like you had a great time!

  2. I love your team name…Lansing Lugnuts…perfect! It was special just being together…the game…ah, not so much. 🙂

  3. Hi Kathy – I did a quick search and this is what I came up with: “The team’s name is a play on an episode of the television show The Simpsons in which Albuquerque tries to lure away Simpsons’ hometown team, the Minor League Springfield Isotopes. At the time the episode aired, Albuquerque was temporarily without a team, and when one moved there it was decided to name the team the Isotopes at least in part because of the TV episode. The name is also appropriate because New Mexico was the home to the first nuclear weapons test in history and remains the home of two nuclear research laboratories, Los Alamos National Laboratory and Sandia National Laboratories.”
    Guess that is why the stadium is filled with Simpson characters. I also just heard that the team name may be changed to the Green Chile Cheeseburgers(!) Goofiness for sure. We’ll take Semi-Normal too!

  4. Take me out to the ol’ ballgame – lousy seats, but, hey, it’s a long season – next time, we sit on the club level

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