Close to Home

Sometimes Staying Close to Home is Where You Need to Be.

For Us…Summers have always been for Travel.

To Faraway Places.  For Adventure.  For Fun.

To Be Together.

New York.   London.   Jamaica.  Turks & Caicos.  Boston.  Florida Gulf Coast.  California.

Colorado.    Disney.  From Coast to Coast.

Paris was this Summer’s Trip.  Until it Wasn’t.

 My Sister said it best…Sometimes You Just Need to Stay Close to Home.

She is Right.   I just never looked at it like that.

So this Summer We’ll Be Home searching for At-Home Adventures.

With Lots of Food Adventures at a Table for Four.

At Famous and Infamous Local Joints.

Food.  All the Goofy Local Places.

Our First Venture was to The Range.

“Pool-Size” Green Chile Stew.

Baked Chicken with Cranberry Chutney.

All American Burgers.

Cheap Chinese or Green Chile Cheeseburgers.  Your Pick at Lucky Boy.

A Local Couple from China have kept this Crazy Food Combo Tradition alive for 30 years.

Green Chile Cheeseburger.

This kid eats a lot of Burgers.  🙂

Sweet/Sour Chicken with Egg Roll and Fried Rice.

Even a Special Order of Chicken and Noodles with Chinese Cabbage.

So Home We’ll Be.  Finding Magic.

Where Will Your Food Ventures Take You this Summer?  Local or Chains?

Let the Silliness Begin.

6 thoughts on “Close to Home

  1. I’d say you are eating well! (And, it looks, often!) And good for you. We have an event here the first week in June called “Be a Tourist In Your Own Town.” Probably loads of communities have them but I’m always surprised at what I find that I never even thought about. Cozy at home times, maybe a day trip here and there. I think you’ll have a fabulous summer just being together.

  2. “Be a Tourist in Your Own Town” sounds fabulous…no…we don’t have an event like that here…and we should…Albuquerque/Santa Fe and the surrounding areas get lots of tourists throughout the year. You’re right, Jeanie, we’ll make it special, just being home. 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing Lucky Boy! Will definitely try that! At this moment I am enjoying the hospitality of the Denver airport where my flight back home is delayed, as it was going to Washington DC on the 18th. I am enjoying some Dazbog coffee. I’ve been gone five days for a grandson’s wedding in Virginia and can’t wait to be on firm Cimino ground with my puppy! The girls look great! They are magic just eating and enjoying! Your special family magic always makes me smile!

  4. Lucky Boy is one of the rare treasures and cool vibe joints – who woulda thought of Chinese food and chile cheese hamburgers – gotta love it all – great post, Buddy

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