I LoVe KiD ArT!

Pouring Forth from the Soul.

Twirling Down into Little Fingers.

Art by Kids.

Filled with Passion.  Faith.  Love.  And Wonder.

In Marker.  Paint.  Clay.  Chalk.  Crayon.

Highlights from the Doorway to the Arts Show.

At our local Pre-K through Mid-School Charter School.

Every Art Show, whether in Soho or Albuquerque, needs fancy walk-around treats.

Paired with Chocolate Dipping Sauce.  And the Pinkest Lemonade.  Artsy Perfection.

Snack and Wander Through the Artwork.

No Names of the Artists.   Not Necessary.

Just Fun Pieces from the Heart.

Of course, you may recognize the Little Dancer…Rustic yet Delicate.

All are Winners.  🙂

Pre-K Expressions.

First through Third.

Self Portraits.  Love the Perspective.


Graphic and Bold.

One Point Perspective.

Mixed Media.  Newspaper.  Paint.  Chalk.


Dali Delightful.

Mr. DaVinci and his Mona Lisa.

Kids are Fearless…can you imagine attempting to re-create the Mona Lisa?  🙂

Warhol Loves Soup.

Van Gogh Greatness.

Lots of Starry Nights.

Any Favorites?

An Evening of Wonder and Delight.

Love the Magic.




9 thoughts on “I LoVe KiD ArT!

  1. I love kids’ art, too. We went to plenty of those when Greg was in school and all were revealing. But I have to say, they’re living dangerously, giving an open bowl of liquid chocolate to those walking in a crowd. I hope no one’s pretty art show clothes ended up with a chocolate streak down the front! Looks SO GOOD, though!

  2. They’re all amazing! A few years ago, we did a whole topic on famous artists and the children tried to recreate their work – Starry Night was a definite favourite but they also created Van Gogh’s sunflowers, Mondrians, Monets, Picassos. They were 6 & 7… and the pride they got from the art auction after, seeing people bid for their work is something they still talk about.
    I particularly like the ones from the kindergarten kids 🙂

    1. Oh my Haylee…we are speaking the same language…what a fabulous idea to auction off the work…a much better fundraiser for the school than selling wrapping paper and chocolate. I will definitely pass this along to the powers that be. The wonky black/white drawings are laugh-out-loudable and just the best. 🙂

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