The Rainbow Lining

For Me as a Writer of a Blog about Finding Magic Every Day,

These Last 5 Months have been Positively Impossible.  Ghastly.  Scary.

And Exhausting.

Time Wrapped in Dark and Cold with Unending Waiting.

Anxious Moments.  Agonizing Hours.

Fear Shrouded All.

I’d Love to Say that the Door is Shut on all things Hospital…But Not Yet.

But She is Finally Home…Oh right…You already know that…It makes me Happy to Say it. 🙂

But I ask this Kid about 10 Times Each Day…Are You Ok?  How do you feel?

She Smiles and Tells Me…I’m Good.  I Feel Good.

So Yes.  Finally Home.

Now the Real World Floods Back In…

To Complete the School Year…First Year High School…After Missing 4 Months of School.

An Important End of Year School Project…

Select a Compelling State Issue and Do Research and Interview an Expert in the Field.

Her Choice:


Image result for access to affordable health care new mexico

Questions for her Pediatrician – the Expert:

1) What are your thoughts on the accessibility to healthcare in New Mexico?

2) Are you satisfied with the amount of hospitals and their abilities to treat the people of New Mexico?
3) Have you thought of ways to raise money to build more or better hospitals, so they are more accessible to the people of New Mexico?
4) What are your thoughts and opinions of affordability to healthcare treatment in New Mexico?
5) Do you think money from the government should go towards non profitable, teaching hospitals like the University of New Mexico Hospital and find other ways to make profit non hospital base?
Thank you for your time and consideration. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

And the Special Response to Her…With a Doctor Salutation…

Dr. Lennon,  These are insightful questions to ask and especially impressive for someone your age to be considering such complex issues. You have already experienced far more than most people will in an entire lifetime and possess the intellect and compassion to apply what you have learned to help those around you. What’s more, you have a loving family that is always there for you and will support you in whatever you choose to become. 

I have included my answers to your questions below and provided links to interesting articles so you can form your own opinions as well…



Related image
 And Off She Goes.  Making Her Mark on the World.
My Baby Just Grew Up.
Through All the Dark Scariness and Pain…There is Light.
She will do great things.
Our Children Surprise Us Every Day.
A Rainbow of Colors and Light.  Stretching Far and Wide.
With a Silver Lining of Magic.

12 thoughts on “The Rainbow Lining

  1. I am blown away by this. Just completely in awe of your beautiful daughter, her courage, her intelligence, her inquiring mind. I know you know she is amazing but I think everyone who has ever read your posts can’t help but read this and find their jaw dropping a bit lower, shaking their heads and going, “Would I have thought of that at her age?”

    Our experiences in life do change us and certainly this has been a massive one, one that is incomplete but with hope. She has taken the good, the bad, and the ugly and sought to understand not just her issues but those of so many others. If you ever get tired of this one, send her to Michigan. I know someone who would adopt her in a heartbeat!

  2. Don’t know how Marmeladegypsy manages to say exactly what I was thinking, two blogs in a row! Ms Doodle is a remarkable young lady and she will do great things! But let’s give a shout out for her remarkable parents. Great blessings are in store for this special family!

  3. Very, very, very happy to read this. Lennon is a great person, being part of a great family. My best wishes to the four of you.

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