All the Beauty Tips You Need…1-2-3!

Summer Heat and Work is a Tough Combo.

Plenty of Heavy Lifting.

I’ve been searching for a simple yet effective morning beauty routine.

And I found 3 Unique Products that get the Job Done.

And the Best Thing is They All Work.  Beautifully.

For Face.  Body.  Eyes.

This is Not a Sponsored Post.  This is All Me Giving You the Scoop.

For Your Face.

The only skin care line that works for me is USANA Sense.

Daily Moisturizer Day Cream.  With SPF 15.

This stuff truly works.  Like nothing else.  I use it on my Face and Neck.

And Go.  The End.

For Eyes.

Eyeliner.   I love the Blues.  Mermaid Blue.

Just a hint of color for some Wow.

But most eyeliner becomes goopy melty messes in the Summer Heat.

Trying to sharpen the eyeliner tip is a disaster.

Then I found Marc Jacobs (yes, that designer guy).

Marc Jacobs Highliner Matte Gel Eye Crayon.

No gunky sharpener.  A simple twist and you’re ready to go.

In Basic Black and a Lovely Array of Colors.

The Crown Jewel of Summer Skin Care…the Sunscreen of Your Dreams.

If you happen to dream in Gold Glitter.

Super Sparkle Screen!

A sunscreen marketed for Kids with all good stuff inside…

SPF 30.  Water Resistant.  Papa and Paraben Free.

Non-nano Zinc Oxide.  No Animal Testing.

In Tangerine Scent with Gold Glitter.

Or Strawberry Scent with Pink Glitter.

I use the Gold Glitter every day.  To work.

A hint of Glitter magically transforms mundane lawyering.

Or anything else you care to do.

My 3 Heavy Hitters are available On Line.  Hello Google.

Face.  Body.  Eyes.

Simple, Right?   And You look Fabulous!

Magic.  Yes.  You’re Welcome.  🙂








Super Sparkle Screen!

8 thoughts on “All the Beauty Tips You Need…1-2-3!

  1. I know glitter sunscreen is silly, but it makes me happy to wear it and wear it I do….living in one of the Skin Cancer Capitals of the World, wearing sunscreen all year long is definitely a must. Glitter On!

  2. No idea why but your posts suddenly stopped appearing in my feed. So glad they’re back! That glitter sun screen looks such fun and, as for those blue eye pencils – divine!

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