And then Mom and the Cat get Sick

Yes.  It Finally Happened.

Down for the Count.  A Nasty Summer Cold.

With Temperatures reaching 100 Degrees both Outside and In.

Fever.  Chills.  Nasty Deep Hard Cough.

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And Zapped of Any Energy.

But I Still Had to Go in to Work.

I know what they say about Working when You’re Sick…Don’t Do It…But I had to isolate myself and Just Go in and Work.

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Lots of Cough Drops and Kleenex filled the Days.

Two Full Weeks.  Antibiotics.  Coughing.  No Sleep.


Once Home, Dad was in Charge and I watched a lot of Texas Flip N Move…a Silly Show about finding old funky houses that are about to be demolished and winning an auction to buy the house then moving the house off site and renovating it.

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It was reassuring that for each episode the house would have fun renovations and be loved by buyers and get sold.  Everyone wins…Mover, Flipper, Buyer, Seller, Auctioneer.

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Oh yes.  The Cat.

Eating Ballerina Tutu Tulle will make for a Very Upset Kitty Stomach.

Three Days of Hair Balls and Tutu all over the Floor.

It’s Been a Lovely Two Weeks of Summer Cold Nonsense.

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But the Earth keeps Spinning and We Celebrated a Birthday…Thanks Dad.

With Banners and Birthday Morning Donuts…

And a Scavenger Hunt Tree to Find the Presents…

And a Summer-Themed Cake with Candles.

This Celebration may not have had all the Fancy Mom Touches…

But there was Magic.  Thankfully.  Magic.

My Hero Husband/Dad.  🙂

Stay Well My Friends.   So Glad to Be Back.

6 thoughts on “And then Mom and the Cat get Sick

  1. Oh dear, Jeanne! Don’t let that get out of hand. In April I waited nearly three weeks to go for what I thought was just a cold or allergies and by the time I was in the ER the bottom of both my lungs had deflated. It was down hill from there. So please, please take care of yourself!

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