Best Summer Bang for Your Buck

The Ultimate Fruit of Summer.  Watermelon!

Round.  Wet.  Cold.  Christmas Colors.  And Cheap.

But Beware…

Left Uncut in the Refrigerator, it will Stay Whole Forever.

Cut into Chunk-Size Pieces, It’s Gone in a Flash.

Perfect Anytime Anywhere…Breakfast.  Snacks.  Late Night.  Eaten Inside or Out.

But hey…where did all the black watermelon seeds go???

I’m kind of glad the seeds are gone…but it is a little weird.  🙂

Guess those were 1960 Melons…Hello 21st Century.  Easy to Eat Melons are here to stay.

Cut up pieces from a decent-sized Melon will fill 2 Gallon Bags.  And Last for a Week of Steamy Days.

Ahh Watermelon.  The Only Fruit Strong Enough to Beat the Heat.

Happy First Day of Summer.  102 Degrees Here.  Eat My Shorts.

Stay Cool Summer Magic.

7 thoughts on “Best Summer Bang for Your Buck

  1. You’d think as full of water as it it it would be an ideal fruit for diabetics. But it’s not a freebie as even though it has a somewhat low glycemic load it increases blood sugar rapidly. So don’t overdue. (If you happen to be diabetic. Which I can lay claim to, unfortunately…)

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