10 Rules for the Best Yard Sale De-Cluttering

The Best Yard Sale You Need to Have…Now!

Remember the Focus of the Sale is to De-Clutter the House.

Simple Sale nets Simplified House.

Now is the perfect time for a Mid-Summer De-Clutter the House Sale.

Start Saturday Morning.  7AM.  Before the Heat Sets In.

Catch the shoppers who are not away on vacation.

End by Noon.  Donate the Leftovers.

After many trials and tribulations, we hit on Sure-Win Rules for the Perfectly Simple Yard Sale.

Maybe You hit on these too…

10 Simple “Rules” for a Simple Yard Sale…

  1. The Goal is to de-clutter the house, the garage, the shed.
  2. Once the stuff is Out of the house, garage and shed, it’s Out.
  3. Start the Yard Sale Early and End Early.  Serious shoppers are early birds – catch the early Saturday shoppers and be done by Noon.
  4. Big pieces, prominently displayed bring in the crowds.
  5. Furniture sells.  So does Tools.  Antiques are good too.  Stuffed animals…not so much, but great for giveaways.
  6. Display stuff on tables.  Hang clothes on racks.  Make browsing easy.  Make the displays fanciful and fun.
  7. Serve refreshments.  Coffee, Tea, Lemonade.  Cookies.  Shoppers will graze and gaze and stay.  The sale becomes a party. 🙂
  8. Be ready to negotiate down – remember the goal…Rule #1….de-clutter the house, garage, shed…not make a windfall.
  9. Give stuff away.  Everyone loves a bargain.
  10. Unsold stuff is donated.  Remember Rule #2 – once the stuff is out, it doesn’t go back in.  It’s Out and Stays Out.


In our latest Mini-Yard Sale, everything was priced at $1.  Actually, that wasn’t the best plan because we often had to negotiate down from that…but we (the girls) netted $17 which was enough to purchase 2 Wizard 101 videogames.

And the Butler’s Pantry has new space and breathing room.

Sorry you missed the Sale…a Coach bag for $1.

How about a model sailing ship for $1.

An Antique Chandelier (from Chicago) newly wired for $1…

Or the Night Before Christmas Dish Set and serving pieces for $1.

Wait a minute…am I nuts?  I love these dishes.

Oh, that’s right…Rule #1.  De-clutter.

Sorry Santa.  Glad you found a new Home…

We have Success!  And Magic!


10 thoughts on “10 Rules for the Best Yard Sale De-Cluttering

  1. We had three large garage sales when we downsized from our 4-bedroom home to a motorhome–it was a nightmare and i hated every single second of it. The whole negotiating the price down was what killed me. I had a bag of miscellaneous silverware–it had about 50+ pieces that didn’t match and I’d just kept over the years. I had .50 on the entire bag and a lady asked if I would take .25 since it did not have iced tea spoons. I just smiled and told her she could have the bag free–we did that a lot. After deciding we disliked doing garage sales, we just decided that picking different local charities to donate our big stuff to was a lot more rewarding. Something funny, though–we had a model sailing ship just like yours! Great article for a successful garage sale! Dawn

    1. Hi Dawn…thanks for visiting…garage/yard/driveway sales are good when they’re quick…after that, donations is the best way to go…I love antique silver…I would have definitely scooped up your bargain. 🙂

  2. Now that’s very impressive. Yard sales are massive here in Utah and the goal is the more you make, the more successful the sale. I like your rules much better. I know a lot of people who will make long lists of everything left over before they take it to donate so they can take it off their taxes. My sister is that way. It always makes me ornery. It’s always about the money. But clutter really IS the problem!

  3. Great rules! And it looks like it was a good thing I wasn’t in your neighborhood or my decluttering would go right down the drain after adding some of your fun things!

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