4th of July…No Beach…No Problem

A First for Me.  No Beach Celebration for the 4th of July.

In years past, 4th of July was at the Beach.  Almost by mandated rule.

Saltwater, Sea Spray, Hot Dogs, Watermelon, Flag Waving.

And at Dark…Fireworks!

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A Celebration of the Middle of Summer.

But not this year.  No Swimming.  No Water Play.  No Hikes in the Mountains.  No Strolls along the Sea.

Just Home.  Working Together to Get this Kid Well.

I want to write that this is all OK, but the truth is I got sucked into the Facebook, Instagram, Everything is Beautiful, Perfection of Life Genre, and I Got Sad.

Flying off to London.  Sailing in the Turks.  Strolling the Gardens of Newport.  Whale Watching from a Boat.  Seal Watching from a Wharf.

No.  Not this Year.

I was Sad and Mad and Pea Green with Envy.

Not Good.  Horrible.  A Waste of Time and Energy.

So before totally throwing away a Perfectly Wonderful 4th in a 4-day weekend, I took stock and took charge and listened to my Family.  And together We Made it Work.

It just takes a little planning and some magic.

Stop looking to the other guy and be Thankful for All that Is.

Making the Little Things Special.

Late Morning, hiking along the Rio Grande.

A stop for lunch under the cottonwoods…

Green Chile Stew.

Roasted Cauliflower Srircha Wings…strange but delicious.

Miss Bagel Head.

Patriotic Celebrations are really all about the Food.

With the still Crazy Heat (another 104 day), we served up Costco.

And added Silly Presentation Zing to bring the Beach Home.

Lemonade Punch is a 4th of July Staple.  Ever enticing poured from a Spout.

Caesar Salad is oh so happy engulfed in a Fish Plate.

Costco Ribs Meaty and Saucy…

And Goofy with Bike Riders riding through a flock of Sheep.

Cold Shrimp with Cocktail Sauce.

Come Alive under a Dragon Parade.

Striped Bass Plates swim in a whirlpool.

Watermelon for Watermelon Month.

Grilled Corn Dogs…burn marks make the memories.

Everything Heated on the Grill.

Buntings wrap up the Patriotic Message…

With Liberty and Justice for All.

And Truly being Thankful for All that is Magic in My Own Backyard.

9 thoughts on “4th of July…No Beach…No Problem

  1. It’s easy to get caught up in the perceived *perfection* of everyone else’s world and then get dragged down by it. Glad you managed to find your own magic again instead. The simple pleasures are usually the best in the long run 🙂

  2. I am constantly amazed by the creativeness you bring to you and your family’s life, Jeanne. If I had to pick someone from the blogs I’ve really learned something from, it would be you, though I haven’t known you that long. And you don’t know this, but you have had quite an impact on my outlook with having my grandkids around full time!!! 😀

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