A Breeze Through the Museum

Many Walk Slowly through a Museum, Reading Each Listing.

Being Awe-Inspired.  Savoring Each Piece.

Mr. Doodle is a Savorer of Fine Art.

I Guess I Used to Be.  But with Kids, I’m Now a Breezer.

You Know…Breeze through Each Room….Find Something that Catches Your Fancy…And Move On.

With Kids in Tow.

In Fact, It’s Really What Catches Their Fancy…

But It Works.  And Makes for a Different Experience at the Museum.

No.  Not the One with the Dinosaurs…

Image result for albuquerque museum husband and wife painting

The One Across the Street.  The One with the Paintings.  In Old Town.

The Albuquerque Museum.

Being somewhat of a New York Art Snob…sorry…but it kind of is true…I poo pooed New Mexico Art.

But I Was Wrong.  In fact, New York Artists flocked to New Mexico.

Yes, Georgia O’Keeffe.  Alfred Stieglitz.

Related image

The Artists Came because of the Stark Differences between their Homes and New Mexico.

And Stayed for the Light.

Image result for new mexico light in paintings

Russell Case – New Mexico Light.

It truly is the Light that Captivates this Place.


The Stark White Sunlight.  The Deep Dark Shadows.

The Clear, Dry Air Allows Us to See the Pure Light.  No Moisture Filters.


And Artists Try to Capture the Light.


Here’s Your Ticket for the 1-Hour Girls’ Tour….We’ll Meet Mr. Doodle in the Lobby.

It’s Fast and Fun.  A Little Educational.

And Hopefully It Will Fill the Soul.

Mixed Media – Paper and Paint on Canvas.

Trying to Hold On To the Sky.

I would like to give you an in-depth look at each Piece…but Breezers only Skim the Surface.

A Car Chair Sculpture.  Toy Cars.  Photos.

New Mexico Route 66 Dashboard Landscape.  Campy.  Fun.

Clay Pot with Feathers, Turquoise and Pinon.  Traditional with a Twist.

Religious Art.  Carved Wood.

Santa Fe Furniture.

Funny to See on Display when so many homes here are decorated with similar pieces today.

A Window.

A Wardrobe.

Leather and Wood Chair.  Nail Studs.

Pueblo Ceramic Pottery Lamp.  Wood and Tin Pie Safe.


As Different as They are the Same.

Santa Fe artist Tom Palmore’s Coyote – this is a jaw-dropper.

Piercing Blue Eyes Pointillism.

Former Governor Bruce King – at his Ranch in Stanley, New Mexico.

Love the Light and Pastels.

 Ernest Blumenschein, 1920. “White Sun and Star Road”

A Boy of Similar Age to Miss Doodle 2.

Mountains and Clouds and Adobe.

New Mexican Day of the Dead.  Creepy but Fun in the Same Breath.


We Stopped for a Moment.  Mesmerized by the Light.

It Looks like the Light is Inside.

There were Sculptures too.  Bronze.  Clay.  Mixed Media.

Hands always Tell a Story.

Thank You for Breezing Through with Us.

Glad You Saw a Glimpse of the Magic.

8 thoughts on “A Breeze Through the Museum

  1. The coyote pix is gorgeous! But I loved the mixed media one. What a world of possibilities lies in a picture like that. I love author/writing teacher/creative Jackie-of-all-trades Julia Cameron. She hangs out (or did for years) in Taos. It’s quite the artist community, too, I understand. Haven’t made it there yet.

  2. Hi Calen…that coyote painting is probably about 10 feet long…with the coyote smack in the center. I don’t know Julia Cameron, but perhaps I should…may maiden name is Cameron…and yes, Taos is a huge artist community…and the area is truly magical. So glad to hear from you, Calen…stay well.

  3. I love this post a lot. Nice selection of work. I’ve always enjoyed Southwestern art although it’s a pretty broad definition, isn’t it? But the colors tend to be rich and warm. The portraits here are lovely. I really love the one that your girls are standing by. I get the breezing thing — I prefer to be a little more like Mr. Doodle but the art has to call to me, otherwise, I’ll breeze by. And you’re right about it with kids. It’s more important that their experience is good. We know we will be likely to go back But if their early experiences aren’t the best, they might be less likely.

  4. Southwest Art…I always thought it was cowboys and cactus…so, so wrong. You’re right, It is very diverse. And love your comment on breezing by…sometimes going back is the best way to go. Glad you came along with us, Jeanie. Here’s to more adventures. 🙂

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