A Kitty Hysterectomy

A Hysterectomy for a Kitty…Oh My Yes it’s True,

In and Out in a Day with Little Pain assured Vet Sue.

Our Poor Kitty, Sorry it has to Be This Way,

Enjoy Your World,

We want you Safe Every Day.

Into the Carrier is a Huge Feat,

We Tip it Up,

And Pop Her In for the Vet to Meet.

Crying on the Ride,

A 2-Minute Jaunt,

Girls Crying Too, the Scene will forever Haunt.

To the Left for the Dogs,

All Cats go Right,

Loud Barks and Hisses, a Sad, Sorry Sight.

No Worry Dears, Just an Overnight Stay,

Without Complications, She’ll Be Home the Next Day.

I’m Lonely said Moon, I’m Missing that Cat,

You put her in the Carry Rack,

And She didn’t Come Back.

All Done and Back Home, Poof in a Flash,

But Tired and Woozy and Ready to Crash.

Complete with a Stamp on her Belly,

A Shave there Too,

She’s in Pain and Rests by a Flip Flop Shoe.

Drugged and Weak, Inching from the Cage,

She Finds a Safe Spot in the Whole House Maze.

Away from the Fray, under a Bed,

She Closes her Eyes and Lays Down Her Head.

By Morning Up with the Sun,

A New Kitty Appears,

Ready for Action, So Ready for Fun.

Drinking Water in Spades, Eating like a Horse,

Back to Her Old Self, In Rapid Due Course.

The Vet says a Spay, So Serene Cats will Be,

We Hold Out and Ponder, it’s a Real Wait and See.

Still Leaping Up on Counters, Flying through the Air,

Constant Running, Up and Down Each Stair.

Look on My Belly…a Scar, Home from that Vet,

I’ll Never Go Back There, On this You Can Bet.

Silly Kitty.  Crazy Kitty Magic.

8 thoughts on “A Kitty Hysterectomy

    1. Oh yes, a Torty. The vet told us torties are the naughtiest of all the cats…so far, this has been true…but the girls love her so she’s a keeper. 🙂

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