Are You a Tourist?

Old Town Albuquerque.

A 5 minute drive for us, yet a Million Miles Away.

A Spot where Everyone is a Tourist.

And so on a STILL HOT…40 days of 100 degree craziness…We visited Old Town.

To do what everyone does…Stroll, Take in the Shops, Eat and Stay Cool.


And a Late Lunch at Case de Ruiz Church Street Café.

Behind the San Felipe Church on the Main Plaza.

The property, literally translated “the house of Ruiz”,was a residence built by the Ruiz family in the early 1700’s.  It was built in the Hacienda style, the classic old Spanish U-shape.  It was built from Terrones…a type of adobe brick that was used when the area around the Rio Grande was a marshy swamp.

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The walls are 2-feet thick…perfect for staying warm in winter and cool in summer.

Now there are Mariachis on the Roof.

The Courtyard in the House is still lovely.

Saltillo tiles for the floor…complete with dog prints made when the clay tiles were drying in the sun.

Serving Classic New Mexican dishes.   Always, always Salsa and Chips to begin.

A Lettuce Wedge is a good choice in this crazy heat.

Beef tacos with beans and rice.  “I could eat this every day, Mom.”

Green Chile Cheeseburger.  A classic in these parts.

Posole (hominy) with Red Chile.

When it’s 100 degrees outside, the Christmas Shop is a must-stop on the list.

Red Chile Lights and Flamenco Dancers for the Tree.

Love the diversity of the Nativity Sets.  Navajo Dolls of Velvet and Beads.

Carved Wood Sheep.

And a Wooden Angel.

 Mary and Joseph in traditional Navajo Dress with a Silver Turquoise Star.

When I moved to New Mexico, my first job (while I studied for the Bar Exam) was in Old Town.  I sold Indian Art and Tee Shirts and loved every minute of it.  I chatted and reminisced with the Christmas Shop girl…we laughed about the ultimate tourist question…Where is the Best Place to Eat in Old Town?

And because I sold Indian Art, I was often asked…”Are You Native American?”…With Red Hair, Green Eyes and a New York Accent, I would chuckle to myself every time. 🙂

Fun, Crazy Tourists.  Wave Good Bye to the Tour Bus.

And to the Cowboy and his faithful Dog.

A Kitty in the Santa Domingo Indian Trading Post caught my Eye and had to come home with us.

Miss Binx with Turquoise Stones on her side.

Last Stop…The Candy Lady.

Made Famous for making the “Blue Meth” used in Breaking Bad…from Rock Candy.

Breaking Bad was filmed in Albuquerque and has a huge following here.

The shoppe owner insisted on a special photo-shoot…Mr. Doodle as Walter White.

All on a Silly Sunday Afternoon…

Some History, Some Lunch, Some Goofy TV Magic.

12 thoughts on “Are You a Tourist?

    1. Glad you stopped by for the stroll…I know Christmas in July is a bit much…but for a quick waltz through the tinsel and trees, it’s all good.

  1. This looks like just the best time. I’ve already told you that your area is on my bucket list but now it’s even more so.

    I have to compliment you on incredible photography, not just here but in every post. You just “fall into” photos on this blog and feel like you’re there, or at least I do. I don’t think this is your life’s work — you’re an attorney, right? — but boy, you’ve got the talent for it!

    1. Hi Jeanie…so glad you enjoy the photos…I’d much rather be known for being a fun photographer/storyteller than an attorney…guess I’ll just have to be both. 🙂

    1. So true, Joanne…I always thought it was a “rough” show to watch…but it was fun to recognize all the local spots were they filmed…including my building…the site of the DA Office on the show. 🙂

  2. Now here’s one I can say, been there, done that, AND bought a t-shirt. Had to drive a bunch of bells down there for a bell choir workshop with a friend a few years ago. Had a ball! Great place to hang out! Her aunt and uncle live there.

  3. Fabulous…so glad you had the experience, Calen…and the TEE…perfect…wish I had a nickel for every t-shirt I sold in Old Town… 🙂

  4. I think I am a classic tourist because I’d love that day out – Old Town looks ace. Especially the food part: it looks lush. I can see it would attract the tourist masses though. I think it’s good to lose yourself in touristy pursuits for a while, though. To embrace it; it’s relaxing. And after all, interesting places are touristy because they are interesting, I suppose… (profound thought for the day). I’m a snob when it comes to actual holidays and avoiding the places that tourists flock to – I won’t go to the places that all my countrymen go to in hordes (e.g the English ‘colonies’ on the Spanish Costas; the Algarve resorts that all the Irish here go to…). I hate being in another country and only hearing English voices… Beautiful post, thank you.

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