Cheap Thrills on a Bike

They Whisper Together…Oh these Two.

We’re Not Sure Mom Can Do This…

Hey Dad, Do You?


We’ll have to Ride Slow.

On an Easy Path.

We’ll Go maybe a Mile, Let Mom do the Math.


An Outing that’s Cheap.

An Adventure for Fun.

A Staycation Excursion when Clouds Shield the Sun.


Helmets On.  Old Bikes Dusted Clean.

A Sunday Bike Ride.   Part of the Outdoorsy Scene.



Cars Whizz By Us,

We Ride Single File.

And Sooner than Soon, We Travel that Mile.


Quick Time Out is Needed,

Bagels and Cream Cheese for Four…

Water with Ice, then Back Out the Door.


On the Path through the Village,

I Forget How Serene.

No Ache in the Muscles.

A Lean Clean Machine.


Wow, Mom, You Did It…

We All Did it Too.

Now a Short Nap before We say Boo.



And While They Sleep, the Laundry is Done.

Monday Lunches are Made.

Watching Christmas Movies in July is Fun.


Bike Rides.  Cheap Thrills.

I Chuckle and Say.

I May be Older.  But I Don’t Feel it Today.


Let’s Do this Every Sunday…

I Feel So Free.

Making Racing Magic.  My Family and Me.

When Was the Last Time You Rode a Bike?

It’s True, What They Say…You Never Forget.  🙂

6 thoughts on “Cheap Thrills on a Bike

  1. I wish I could love the bike. Maybe I would if Rick didn’t love it so much. Different styles. It looks like the loveliest day with your family. And also looks like they have good bike lanes. I appreciate that!

    1. I understand Jeanie…serious riders don’t mix well with the Sunday-Riders…but that seems to hold true for most activities…golf…swimming…music. Perhaps a ride around your lake, on your own would be fitting. 🙂

  2. My friend and I were only talking yesterday about heading out on a ride – with an obligatory picnic packed too! I love the old fashioned horn on your bike 🙂 Looks like you all had a great day.

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